Thursday, January 20, 2011


I know I talk about Muncie a lot, but I've figured out why.  If living in Brasil molded me into who I am now, then my time in Muncie refined me.  (As I follow that train of thought I come to the conclusion that my time at Purdue then polished me.  I guess that just leaves my life as wife and mother.  Ah, but of course.  That is my time to shine, yes?  Oh, brilliant.)

That is not what I am here to talk about today though, so back to Muncie.  I got ahold of all my yearbooks from high school.  OH good times.  Want a peak into what people wrote in my yearbook?

I'll leave out all the "have a great summers", shall I?

- For a girl in which I want to get a hook up. - Wes (His handwriting was so bad this easily could have said "book up"... not really sure.)
- Stay a smart doof, with your cheesy self. - Alison
- I've always loved you. - Shaw
- Remember I love you very much. - Shaw, the following year. (How sweet.)
- Don't let anything bite you (like shells.) - Amy B.
- You hurt me all the time. Physical abuse! I'm sorry to hear your family smuggles drugs from Mexico. - Trevor
- Me with my skills and you rebelling. Well, I hope you survive with all the scary people. - Unsigned.
- No I will not step in to your office. I am not emotionally unstable. - Alison
- To a girl I met this year from Brasil hope to stay friends I come visit you in my airplane. - Jeana
- You are never going to find out who I like. HA! Anyways get a life. - Al (She would later become my best friend, and I definitely found out who she liked. No worries. And I did get a life too! YES.)
- B. Dogg the pimp is yo boy so keep this autograph and one day it will be worth millions. - Brennan (I didn't learn what a "pimp" actually was until about two years ago.)
- I will never forget your face and I hope to see it next year. - Moses

And the "Mormon" ones:

- Drink Sprite. - Scott
- Over this summer lighten up and drink a beer or two. - Landon (Sorry to disappoint Landon.)
- The Mormon - I don't blame you for being one, everyone has their faults... you're rad! Bye bye Baby. - Pat

So I realize that a lot of these were inside jokes, but sadly, I don't really remember anymore what they were actually about. Somehow though they are still funny. Is it just me? Probably. But now if my house burns down grabbing my yearbooks is one less thing I have to worry about. Phew.*

*Except for all the sweet messages from people that I actually have kept in touch with and probably do remember the inside jokes with... hmm... I guess I'll still have to grab the books on my way out.

And one last thing. Would you like to see the "Twisted Sisters" picture? It got a full two page spread in my senior yearbook. It's a delightful photo of my sister and I. Shall I post it?


  1. Post "Twisted Sisters"!!! Yes, Yes

  2. Oh baby you sure are shining now!!! :)

    And haha nice. Now I feel like going and reading my old yearbooks . . . Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping them for so long!

  3. hi amy! i just stumbled upon your blog after i stumbled upon sarah's (jackson). your girls are unbelievably cute. and your blog helped me remember how hilarious you are. so happy i found it.
    valeri (myers)