Saturday, September 23, 2006


Sometimes I hide in the closet.
And sometimes I hide behind my pleasant small talk.

Sometimes I hide under the bed.
And sometimes I hide behind a smile, and hope my eyes can tell the lie.

Sometimes I hide beneath piles of stuffed animals.
And sometimes I hide behind the problems of other people.

Monday, March 20, 2006


It means happy, flexible, smart.
It is the number 4.
It is like a juicy ripe grape in the middle of July.
It is camping under the stars on a mountain in Colorado.
It is the memory of my little sister
who taught me courage and trust.
When she had no fear and got what she wanted.
My name is Amy.
It means that sometimes life is hard
and sometimes life is scary
and sometimes life is wonderful.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

oh wow

so it's been a long time... i am sitting in my office hours bored out of my mind. so what's up. not much. my parents moved to michigan, so i don't go "home" much anymore, and that's sad. my sister is getting married in april, but that's AWESOME. yeah, i am glad she's happy. i'm bored. i can never think of anything interesting to say when i'm bored. i have art class later. i love my art class. we talked about aesthetics the other day. and we had an interesting lesson. WHAT IS BEAUTY? what makes something beautiful? if you had to pick between pictures of your favorite actor or supermodel, or a picture of your grandmother, which is more beautiful to you? why? if you had to pick between the first picture you ever took with your childhood best friend, or a picture of your best friend now, which one is more special to you? why? what flower is the most beautiful? why? if you had to choose between the mona lisa, a van gogh, or a painting that your little sister did, which one would be the most beautiful? it's interesting to think about. what gives some things value, and others none, and yet we might consider them to be more beautiful. which would you display in your home, a cross stitch your grandma did in the nursing home, or a print of a picasso during his blue period? why? who is the most beautiful person you have ever seen? what is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen? why? what is the most perfect painting or portrait ever done? do you think other people would agree? like, there were people in the class who were crying... then i was crying. it was intense. like, seriously. it caused the only fight my friend has had with her boyfriend in nine months. the only fight was about this, beauty. when my teacher taught this lesson at an elementary school two fifth graders started going at it on the playground, punching each other out and the only thing supervisors could understand from the words they were yelling was "beauty"... so it sparks some interesting emotions in people sometimes. what else have i done lately? OH THE OLYMPICS. yeah rock the olympics. we aren't doing "well" but we aren't doing poorly either. so we're keeping the hope alive. this should be a good week as women's figure skating starts. well i think i'm going to eat my lunch now. goodbye.