Sunday, August 13, 2017

To Africa

Sometimes the world is tiny
as a hand
wrapped around a finger
and sometimes vast
as oceans, stars, and words
left unsaid: unspoken - unheard.
Hugging you now
I am caught
somewhere in between.
Squeezing you tightly
is never tight enough
to let you know
how much of my world you fill.
And holding you close
the clock is already
pulling you away
from me.
I do not know how
to let go
of you.
So I whisper
"I love you"
one more time.
But it cannot be said
Cannot be heard
In all the ways
I mean it.
It is that distance
between hearing and meaning
that crushes me
almost more than
the newly incomprehensible
distance of oceans
I love you - do you hear it
I love you - can you know it?
(Whatever you need from my love,
take it.
Strength, support, serenity.
It is yours on this adventure.)
I hold you tight
One last time
Then breathing slow
I somehow let go.

All their bags are packed, they're ready to go.

I feel really grateful to have had this summer full of memories with her.  Can't wait to visit her in Africa and make more.

Friday, November 4, 2016

Fall is My Favorite

I am not good at taking pictures.  This has been well established.  But sometimes I do, and sometimes I am really happy with how they turn out, and sometimes even as much as I love words, it's best just to let the photos speak for themselves.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Remember These Days

Sometimes I forget how much I forget, and that if I don't write it down, and don't keep notes with the pictures, it's gone.

This is for me then, to keep the memory of these days a little longer.

Sometimes we have friends come over, and sometimes we just like to hang out and play with them in the bathtub.  Because why not, right?

Heather is extremely independent, and when she gets hungry she gets hungry.  That's how sometimes I find her eating lunches like this.  That's a pile of bacon, a slice of turkey, and a cold hotdog.  We keep it real healthy around here.

We like yoga. And sometimes we just drop into downward dog.

We are just so cute, is all.

And this is the other thing we do.  Run and run and run.

And make really cute faces.

And just generally hang out.

Oh look, there's me too.