Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let it Go

I have a tendency to have pretty high standards for what I will let the girls out of the house wearing.  I never knew myself for a control freak, but I see now that I kind of am.  I'm talking their clothes have to be matching, down to the socks, their hair has to be combed, and preferably Hallie's will be in a braid.

But you know what?  Maybe this is a lesson you all learned long ago.  Sometimes, (prepare yourself) there are things in life that I can't control. I'm just guessing that its the same way for you.  And in those times, I've decided, its best to let it go.  Let it GO man.

Just in case you need to learn this lesson, too.

Another life lesson learned on this occasion: The Culver's butterburger is INDEED delicious.  Indeed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

A Letter to Nicole

Dear Nicole -
Would you like to hear about my trip to Moab for the Rose Family Reunion?  It was a near perfect vacation, except for one small thing.  You weren't there.  You're probably wondering why you should have been there. A fair question, since you aren't a member of the Rose family.
When we drove into Colorado Devin and I were playing a game called, "How far away is that structure, or landmark?" And then we'd watch on the odometer until we went past it to see how far away the farthest thing we could see was. (The farthest we got was 14 miles or so.) As we played and marveled at the distance we could see across the landscape, Devin said, "Yeah, but really the farthest we can see are those mountains." And I said, "We can't see any mountains yet." And Devin said, "Yeah we can, they are right there." Now, in my defense, I was driving, so my focus was really mainly on the road, not the horizon. As he said that though, I looked to see what he saw, and at first all I saw was land met by endless blue sky. But suddenly, like one of those 3D pictures, the mountains popped out at me, and I could no longer focus so well on the road, as my gaze kept being redirected back to that first incredible view of the mountains.  I wished you were there.

As we drove further into Colorado we kept seeing signs for Greeley and Estes Park. I wished you were there.  How can I drive through Colorado without you?

When we got to Moab we went on some hikes, climbing up the rocky mountainside.  It was strenuous, and beautiful, and the view was breathtaking.  I wished you were there. Who else jumps and dances while hiking?
We had sandwiches every day for lunch.  I will have you know that I am a reformed peanut butter spreader.  The memory of you sitting so patiently impatient as I made my sandwiches those long ago summer days made me smile as I prepared lunch for Hallie and Hanna, and I wished you were there.  You would be so proud at the speed with which I can put together a pb and j these days.
 We went swimming almost every day also.  The girls like the water, but they really could have benefited from an experienced, personal swimming instructor who comes complete with Jiggly Puff impressions. I wished you were there.  You still do Jiggly Puff, I hope...

We did swim in regular pools too, but here are the girls with Grandma in the Colorado River.
On the way home we stayed with Melissa's in-laws.  It was so nice to stop for the night, and to have a real home to stay in complete with delicious dinner and breakfast.  Obviously the best part was getting to see Melissa and meet her little boys (how did I not get a picture?) The only problem was I just kept feeling like we should have been in a barn, just blocks away from the ocean, with Al, Mimi, and Toby, Old Soakers and ice cream. Obviously, I so wished you were there.  Reunion someday?

Well, all in all it was a fantastic vacation.  All I'm saying is that maybe next time I can pack you in my suitcase?  Or there's always plan B.  I have two girls, you have two boys, surely we can get a match in there somewhere.  Do you want to see more pictures of some hikes?
At the top of our hike. For a little perspective, that's our car.

Devin and his brothers at Delicate Arch. Yes, the famous one on the Utah license plates.
This picture was an accident. AND I love it.
Thanks for a wonderful vacation, Rose family. It was just what we needed.  Can Nicole come next time?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Marlboro Man Revisited

(Please excuse this brief departure from my regularly scheduled posts about THE TREK.)

Today in my mailbox I had not only a large envelope letter from the Marlboro Man people, I also had a box package.  What are they thinking? I wondered.  (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this post.)

Well, after I wrote about the series of letters and packages that they had been sending me some of you left comments saying that you couldn't believe I hadn't opened any of them, and that you wanted to know what was inside. So, even though I felt a little strange opening it, I did it for you.  And so, without further ado, if you are still curious what the Marlboro Man people are sending me, read on.

The large envelope contained a chance to enter a drawing to win a large LED flashlight, and 1000 dollars.  It also had one coupon, and a large foldout brochure inviting me to join one of their ten "Preserve the Land" projects.  My favorite of these included the "Preserving Dakota's Wild Mustangs" project, and the "Protecting Birds of Prey" project.  The others were all about land preservation, restoration, and clearing and upgrading various land projects.  Strange.  BUT like I said, I might be tempted to be involved with the first two projects, as long as I didn't have to smoke...

Now, don't get too excited. This was not the largest box they have sent me, this was a small to medium sized one.  But let's open it.  Believe it or not. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, it was a birthday present.  Seriously. I kid you not.  The box says, "May the trails always twist in your favor, May the tales always end in good light, May you have more friends than one campfire can hold, and May they all be with you tonight. HAPPY BIRTHDAY."  First, three small screws fell out.  Then I lifted the flap and inside was an awkwardly shaped piece of metal.  I showed it to Devin and he said, "Who do they think you are?"

I have no idea who they think I am, but somehow they know my birthday and they seem to think that I am a smoker, and a beer drinker because we finally figured out what that oddly shaped piece of metal is, and what the three screws are for. It is a bottle opener, typically used for beer, I would imagine, and you screw it onto your wall. How convenient. If you drank beer.  Which, along with smoking, I do not do.

It does make me more curious than ever what was in my big package though. Because come to think of it, I think that one came near my birthday too.  Oh well.

When I get back from a small vacation I will return to my regularly scheduled posts about THE TREK.