Saturday, May 7, 2005


oh man. what to say? it's over. finally, and at the same time, where did it go? endings are bittersweet. so i am supposed to be packing for maine. but i decided to take a break. i have had an awesome last few weeks of school, i think i've had three bde's... best days ever. let's see. nauvoo was one of course, and then RIVERDANCE. that was awesome, i started off that day with breakfast with my hannah ellis, my heather wible, and a guest appearance by new friend josh. (hi josh.) so that was wonderful, and then i went to riverdance... WONDERFUL. amazing. incredible. fantastic.

i had to start a new paragraph. thinking about riverdance was getting too intense... so the other bde was yesterday, and alisha and i have been planning it for a long time. we had disclaimers to sign, and like ten appendixes, and it turned out pretty great i'd say. we colored pictures, and we ate hot dogs, and we "flew" a kite, and we looked at the river, and we made the requisite walmart run... we finished it off watching hidalgo, which is, in my opinion - so take it as you will, an awesome movie. i love it.

but... i guess i have to get back to packing now. maine is going to be... quite the experience i think.

get ready.

Like. Now.