Monday, November 30, 2009

Brave Annibelle.

My niece Annibelle is going in to have heart surgery again tomorrow.  You may remember reading about her last heart surgery, in March.  She is just over a year old, and needs to have another surgery.  If you have any extra prayers or well wishes, please send them her way.

I know I am, Annibelle. (And praying for you too, Pete and Mindee.)

Love you guys.

After her surgery in March.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Are Moving.

Yes, it's happening.  It's official.  It's final.  Devin starts work sometime in the middle of March at the University of Nebraska.  They will pay to have us come out and look for a house, we get five days to do so.  We just realized that if Devin wants me to come with him, it had either be right away (I am not looking for a house with a toddler any closer to my due date than the next few weeks will afford), or it will have to be in, say, February, at which time we'll have to look for a house with a newborn and a toddler.  Not to mention the 8 hour drive with toddler and newborn.  Yippee!  So what this means is that I am getting a little stressed.  It'll be fine.  More updates later.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breaking News

Hallie has started getting her second set of molars.  That means my "baby" only has three teeth left to go! 

She ate carrots today.  And by "ate" I mean, she chewed and then actually swallowed.  Up until now, she has chewed, and then spit out.  It's funny because you can tell she really wanted to eat them, but for some reason she'd never swallow.  Today, she swallowed.

We only have two days left to decide where we're going to move.  What if I just don't want to?  I keep telling Devin we should just write both places down and pull them out of a hat.

60 or so more days until baby Hanna comes.

I've gained 20 pounds, and my back is grateful every day that Hallie only weighs 20 pounds, because she has started a lovely new habit of just plopping herself down when she doesn't want to walk anymore.  Say, the parking lot of the library. In a puddle, in the rain.  Usually screaming.  Yeah, that doesn't attract attention.

I get to see New Moon on Wednesday.  So far, I've only heard good things about it.  I'm afraid Devin will be disappointed, his expectations are so high.

My new favorite thing is melting a butterscotch drop in my hot cocoa.  It's fabulously delicious.  (It was Devin's idea.  He made it for me special as a treat one day.)

This random post is for my friend Melissa.  I hope the baby comes soon!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giving Thanks

We are so proud of Dr. Rose (that's Devin...) who has officially been offered a tenure track faculty position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (that means he would be a professor).  It is a really good opportunity, he would have two labs, funding for the first two years to pay for his graduate students, and they would help him find the money for grants for his first few years.  Also, apparently, he'd have a large and fancy corner office.

The other job, as some of you know, is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There he would be working in industry, for General Mills, researching how to increase the amount of fiber in their cereals without changing the flavor and texture.  General Mills has a goal to have "whole grain" as the first ingredient listed on their ingredient statement, which is a pretty neat goal, and the only cereal company that is working towards that (as of right now.)

So, we feel a little bit stuck between a pillow and a soft place.  Devin's life long dream has been to be a professor and become world famous, and so that is obviously incredibly tempting to him.  The General Mills job is tempting in that it would be fun for him to see the real world application of all the research he has already done.

We feel so grateful that we have the opportunity to be "stuck" like this, between one good option and another.  We count ourselves blessed every day, and are enjoying trying to figure out what's next!  Please vote on our poll, we'll consider the outcome as 5% of our total decision.  Just kidding. But vote, cuz it's fun for me to see what you think.

For more information on our options:

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Try - I guess that's All I Ask

Last night Hallie was in full on destruction mode.  Not unusual.  But I was tired of it.  Most of her toys were in time out, and I had to keep taking other things away that she somehow got into her little hands.

So I said, rubbing my eyes, "Hallie, could you please not destroy something for the next two minutes?"

She looked at me very solemnly and said, "Try."

I guess that's all I can ask for.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Talk

"I think Annibelle is sad." - In unison

"So, it's just us now guys. What should we do?"  - Baby Jill

"Wait, Jill.  Annibelle is coming back." - Baby Emily

"Don't worry, I'll hold onto Jill so she stays on the couch." - Hallie

"Step off. I can take care of myself." - Baby Jill
"Don't worry guys. I've still got her." - Hallie

"I like yogurt.  Yum.  TASS - ee"  - Hallie

**I know, I know -  our camera is struggling.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a good camera for people who just want to take a few pictures now and then?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hallie Hugs Baby Jill

Hallie's first ride on an elevator, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art.  I was impressed with this museum, not least of all because it was completely free.

Hallie hanging out with her Pappy and GramB. 
They are pretty much rock stars in her world.

GramB with Baby Jill (Hallie's cousin) and Hallie.  You know GramB could not get enough of these kinds of snuggles. As evidenced by the picture of GramB with Hallie and Baby Emily.

Me with baby Jill, and Mimi with Hallie.
A little baby swap, if you  know what I mean.

This is a classic of Uncle Pete and Baby Annibelle.  We all love those Stinky Feet!!!

And last but certainly not least (because it is one of my favorite pictures of Hallie, to date.)

Hallie hugs Baby Jill.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hallie Helps Out

We have a really great landlord (seeing it written out like that makes the term seem kind of... outdated to say the least, doesn't it?) named Frank.  He's retired and he and his wife just take care of these properties to keep themselves busy and out of trouble.  I think he owns 5 duplexes on our street, and they're all really cute. Well, that's why I live in one of them.  He's a grandfather, and every time he comes over to do whatever I need him to do, we always talk about social issues, economic issues, political issues, religious issues, etc., and it's neat to have his insight and to hear his thoughts.  Oh, and Hallie absolutely adores him.  We saw him and his wife at the library one night, and while his wife was talking to Devin and I, Frank let Hallie pull him all over the library so she could show him things.  (When she gets excited, she just likes to find random things and point at them like she knows what they are... it's pretty cute.)  Now, every time we go to the library, she points to the table where we found them sitting and says, "Frank?" and gets really sad when he's not there.

The other day he came over to fix our washing machine, and he let Hallie "help" him for the entire time he was there, and when he came back a few days later with a part he'd needed to buy he let her "help" him again for the next few hours he was there!  Do you know what that meant for me?  Hours and hours where she was entertained and didn't even wonder where I was so I could work on sewing projects, sharpen our knives, lay around, AND it wasn't even naptime so I got that bonus free time too!

Although it does beg the question, how does Frank manage to fix a washing machine with Hallie's "help" and I can't even get, say, the laundry folded some days?  Maybe I'll ask Frank's thoughts on that next time he comes over.  How do you suppose I could sabotage the fridge?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fait Accompli

I've had that phrase tumbling around in my brain ever since my senior year Etymology class.  I finally get to dust it off the shelf and use it.  And I'm mostly completely ignoring the fact that I might not be using it correctly, because I may never come this close again and maybe now it can relax and just be a forgotten tidbit I learned in high school long long ago.

I finished the quilt!! Ha ha, yes, that's what this is about.  I finally finished that quilt that I started when I was pregnant with Hallie in the Netherlands to keep myself from going insane.  (I truly would have.  The place we lived in was smaller than the hotel room Devin and I stayed in last week. I am not exaggerating.  Add to that the forest, the lack of sunshine, the constant rain, the fact that I saw no one for eight hours every day and that the nearest town was a mile away... I'm not complaining, it was a lovely experience - but that's why I took up quilting.)  And of course, as soon as I came back to my life here in the U.S. it got put on hold... until I got a sewing machine, and lots of encouragement from people who didn't think it looked as bad as I did.

So it's done!! Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  Of course in this picture, I am pregnant with Hallie in the Netherlands.  I had just finished hand piecing it all together.  Phew!!

 I had just laid it out to pin the batting and back to it so I could begin quilting it together.  Obviously in this picture I am pregnant with Hanna.
 *Apparently, I only work on quilts when I am pregnant.

This is Hallie's finished quilt.  She sleeps with it at night now, and every time she sees it on her bed she says "Fancy."  I think she likes it.  I found that I had enough squares left over from piecing this one (I guess I wasn't so good at figuring out how many I'd need) that I had enough to put together a quilt for Hanna, too.  So now I just have to go get some batting and get that one finished.  Hopefully I won't be pregnant with my next before it's done...

Fun Fact: the last time I worked on this quilt prior to these past few weeks was the day I went in to the hospital to have Hallie.  My mom thought working on the quilt would keep my mind off the contractions.  Good thinkin' Mom.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Daylight Savings Time

My sister just posted on her blog a list of things that she is afraid of, and I had been thinking of writing a post about Daylight Savings Time and how it ruins my life every six months, and then I realized that the turning of the clocks for Daylight Savings Time is one of those things I am afraid of.  I am afraid that I will turn the clock the wrong way and be late for everything for a day.  I am afraid that Hallie will never get back on to her sleep schedule and keep waking up at five every morning (every morning since Sunday morning when we made the switch... sigh.)  When I hear her little cry piercing through my sleep, my heart stops and my stomach sinks into the vicinity of my colon and I think "Why do we mess with time?"

Why do we mess with time?  (I do actually know why we do it, I just mean, like the big WHY.  As in throwing my hands up, and my head back towards the heaven and shouting - WHY do we mess with time?  See how dramatic that is?)

So the other things I am afraid of, in case you were wondering:
1. Moths - although lately you would be sooo proud of me.  When they flutter around the light outside the garage and our front door at night when I'm coming home I just take a deep breath and sort of try not to focus on them, and I just go right past!
2. Worms - so these nasty little creatures still make me a little sick, and the other day Hallie stepped on one the size of an anaconda and I thought I might lose my lunch, but I held it all inside and Devin kicked it out of sight.  I guess I'm still working on that one.
3. Being stabbed in the back - I tell myself the odds of this are highly unlikely, but I still get twitchy alone at night.
4. Being in a car accident - Really the fear is that I will be killed in a car accident.  Also, fairly unlikely, but this list is about irrational fears, so it belongs.
5. Mirrors in the dark - Thank you Disney.  They made a horrible movie in the 80's (?) called "Watcher in the Woods".  I've been uncomfortable with mirrors in the dark ever since.
6. Something bad happening to Devin - well he runs in the morning, and he gets chased by dogs, and he rides his bike to work and when he's ten or fifteen minutes later coming home than I expect him to be I have to take a deep breath and tell myself to chill out.
7. Daylight Savings Time - as previously discussed.

So, those are the main things that I am afraid of.  What about you?