Saturday, November 21, 2009

Breaking News

Hallie has started getting her second set of molars.  That means my "baby" only has three teeth left to go! 

She ate carrots today.  And by "ate" I mean, she chewed and then actually swallowed.  Up until now, she has chewed, and then spit out.  It's funny because you can tell she really wanted to eat them, but for some reason she'd never swallow.  Today, she swallowed.

We only have two days left to decide where we're going to move.  What if I just don't want to?  I keep telling Devin we should just write both places down and pull them out of a hat.

60 or so more days until baby Hanna comes.

I've gained 20 pounds, and my back is grateful every day that Hallie only weighs 20 pounds, because she has started a lovely new habit of just plopping herself down when she doesn't want to walk anymore.  Say, the parking lot of the library. In a puddle, in the rain.  Usually screaming.  Yeah, that doesn't attract attention.

I get to see New Moon on Wednesday.  So far, I've only heard good things about it.  I'm afraid Devin will be disappointed, his expectations are so high.

My new favorite thing is melting a butterscotch drop in my hot cocoa.  It's fabulously delicious.  (It was Devin's idea.  He made it for me special as a treat one day.)

This random post is for my friend Melissa.  I hope the baby comes soon!


  1. Thanks!!!! I hope so, too. :)

    Glad Hallie swallowed those carrots finally! Aidan will chew on a bite of steak until it's white from having the juices sucked out and then he spits it out. It's cute in a gross sort of way.

    I know it's not easy to choose between two great opportunities, and I have to admit, I'm completely jealous. We're hoping we have a couple choice medical schools to choose between this next summer. With Michael's grades/ambition/test scores, I don't doubt we will, I just wish it were next summer already!

  2. I love the post. :) So, I am happy to benefit from your kindness to Melissa. That's fantastic that she finally swallowed the carrot! I wonder if her issue was similar to mine with swallowing bananas. I couldn't before. (I can now, but for years I had a mental block.)

    I was thinking the other day about you and your Hs: Hallie, Hanna, and hernia. ;)

  3. Your too cute Amy! I can't wait until our babies come too :-D When will you guys be moving (obviously you need to make a choice ?? I will miss my new friends!! (you guys) We'll have to get together again once thanksgiving week is over!

  4. Butterscotch drop in hot cocoa. Yes! I'm going to try it. It sounds incredible. Thanks for the tip.

  5. i feel like this post is really random, but i love reading your blog so who cares. Devin better LOVE new moon. i saw it twice this weekend. :) I was just thinking...when are you going to name a child after me? (Hannah and Mimi get a kid named after them!) i mean you can do some cross between Nicole and i. i feel good about that. lol jk.