Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fait Accompli

I've had that phrase tumbling around in my brain ever since my senior year Etymology class.  I finally get to dust it off the shelf and use it.  And I'm mostly completely ignoring the fact that I might not be using it correctly, because I may never come this close again and maybe now it can relax and just be a forgotten tidbit I learned in high school long long ago.

I finished the quilt!! Ha ha, yes, that's what this is about.  I finally finished that quilt that I started when I was pregnant with Hallie in the Netherlands to keep myself from going insane.  (I truly would have.  The place we lived in was smaller than the hotel room Devin and I stayed in last week. I am not exaggerating.  Add to that the forest, the lack of sunshine, the constant rain, the fact that I saw no one for eight hours every day and that the nearest town was a mile away... I'm not complaining, it was a lovely experience - but that's why I took up quilting.)  And of course, as soon as I came back to my life here in the U.S. it got put on hold... until I got a sewing machine, and lots of encouragement from people who didn't think it looked as bad as I did.

So it's done!! Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  Of course in this picture, I am pregnant with Hallie in the Netherlands.  I had just finished hand piecing it all together.  Phew!!

 I had just laid it out to pin the batting and back to it so I could begin quilting it together.  Obviously in this picture I am pregnant with Hanna.
 *Apparently, I only work on quilts when I am pregnant.

This is Hallie's finished quilt.  She sleeps with it at night now, and every time she sees it on her bed she says "Fancy."  I think she likes it.  I found that I had enough squares left over from piecing this one (I guess I wasn't so good at figuring out how many I'd need) that I had enough to put together a quilt for Hanna, too.  So now I just have to go get some batting and get that one finished.  Hopefully I won't be pregnant with my next before it's done...

Fun Fact: the last time I worked on this quilt prior to these past few weeks was the day I went in to the hospital to have Hallie.  My mom thought working on the quilt would keep my mind off the contractions.  Good thinkin' Mom.


  1. I love it! And you are so cute with your little pregnant belly.

  2. Yippee! Congratulations! It looks gorgeous, and I am soooo glad you got it done.

  3. What better time to quilt than when you're pregnant? Hehe.

    So, might there be a number three baby then? So you can finish a quilt for Hanna? ;)

    I love the "fancy" story. So cute!!

  4. Ditto to what everyone else has said. You look great, Hallie is adorable, love the "fancy" story, and Hanna is a great name. Hallie and Hanna. I'll be having Aidan and Asher.

    We'll have to introduce them when they get older. hehe

  5. When I was pregnant I started many a "nesting" project. It must be the hormones.