Thursday, March 24, 2005


this is my third entry in like ten minutes. i realize. thank you. i am extremely bored, and tired... and can't take a nap. so here is what i do. alisha and i are performing in a talent show this weekend. yes we are. our talent you want to know? eating bacon. thus, this poem felt appropriate.

Into the Frying Pan
by Alisha Heavilon

Dancing ribbons of bacon jump into the skillet,
sizzling with excitement
on the hot metal.
The sinuous edges
curl and wriggle in the heat,
cavorting to the tune the grease sings
as it tosses tiny droplets of itself
in the air like party favors.

It comes dressed in a suit striped red and white,
but the fat exchanges its opacity
for something a little more translucent
and off-the-shoulder.

Aromatic fingers reach to caress
all surroundings and leave
an evocative reminder that lasts
the rest of the day.

Crispy, crunchy, brittle bacon.
Merry Christmas, little taste buds.

That's some kind of beautiful.

and i say: hip hip hooray, let's hear it for tasty.


well. we had our first soccer game last night, and it was fun. it was cold, and we totally outplayed the other team (we're not sure, but we think the final score was five to zero). but it was still fun. i look forward to next week's game. so, we just got back from spring break this week and it has been hard to come back to the not so hot weather, and school, and having to get up early and all that jazz. how was spring break you want to know? wonderful. it was great. let's see. we drove all night and got to mobile alabama around seven thirty in the morning, which was six thirty in the morning their time. yeah. so we had nothing to do, and could not board our boat until one thirty, and then it left at four thirty. so... we had a while to wait. we explored mobile for a while, drove around and tried to find a place to eat. then we went to dennys and had breakfast, made some friends, charged jackie's cell phone in their outlet, and then we drove to a parking lot at a la quinta hotel and took a nap, in the car... it was pretty much the most uncomfortable nap i have ever taken in my life... but it was a "solid" two hour sleep and that was key. so we slept for a while and then when we woke up we went to barnes and noble and hung out there for a while, i bought three books and we charged jackie's phone again, this time the outlet we found was, incidentally, in the "men's interest" section of the magazines, and it was kind of awkward for four girls to be sitting back there hanging out, these guys would come over to look at the magazines and see us and get embarrassed that they were "caught" and would kind of meander off hoping we hadn't noticed where their original destination had been. so then we got on our boat, and we explored the boat. it had twelve floors, and was simply awesome. our room was much larger than expected, so we were pleasantly surprised by that. the first day was kind of windy on the boat, so we were worried about the weather, but it was awesome. we went to dinner that first night and almost cried, the food was so good, and we could eat as much as we wanted, and we had the best waiter in the place. our little corner where he served was always the last group to leave, there were like four tables especially and we would just hang out with our waiter, and he would pull tricks on us, and dance sometimes, and chat with us... his name was imade and he was from indonesia. we loved him. he loved us, our table especially. the food like i said was so good in the dining area, and it was nice, and there was also all you can eat anytime pizza buffet, which i partook of every day. there were two pools, both salt water, one with a humongous slide. it was crazy. we did that on the last day, but the water was soooo cold in the pool. we made friends, aka lots of guys were hitting on them the whole time, and we had a good time with that. i did karaoke i think five times and made lots of friends in the karaoke lounge area. i guess i have to tell the story of when i got bit. you might be wondering now, where did amy go again? what kind of animals were habitating this area, that she might have gotten bit by? could it have been poisonous? well... simply put. it was an animal of the homo sapiens variety. meaning, a drunk frat boy. yes, he was nibbling on my shoulder. ok there is more to the story, but it is long and boring i guess so that's the best part. he was biting me. we spent two days in mexico, one day at playa del carmen and one day at cozumel, both beautiful beaches, although we liked playa better. we were out in the sun every day for peak tanning hours, we were usually out from nine a.m. to about five p.m. or so, and that's kind of bad news when it's the hot mexican sun beating down on you... aka we got burnt. bad. my eyes were basically swollen shut the morning we had to leave. yes. the only part of me that got burnt was my shoulders and my eyelids. my eyelids hurt for days. and then they peeled. have you ever seen someone's eyelids peel before? yikes. people who saw me kept freaking out. do you know your eyelids are peeling? gross. stacy poor girl got burnt up bad. she got second degree burns, and had a fever from it. she got sent to the infirmary on the boat, and has had to go to the medical center on campus here too. jackie and kristy got some burns as well, but seem to be pulling through all right. so, note to ourselves if we ever go again, don't fall asleep in the hot mexican sun because if you do it will continue to shine on you, regardless of whether or not you continued applying the sunscreen. it was so fun though. the water was warm and the waves were huge, and there were no pesky jellyfish to worry about. it was brilliant. except for the eyelids swelling, but... that happened on the way home, so who cares. i can't think of anything else right now, and this is probably long enough as it is. so... let me know how your spring breaks went!