Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I first tried to learn how to crochet in high school.  My mom was teaching me, and it did not end well.  Tears and hysteria, mainly, is what I recall.  I was not good at it immediately, and that made me angry, and so of course like any good teenager, I quit.

Years later, I had a friend who tried to teach me how again.  This time I was diligent.  I was pregnant with Hanna and so sick and uncomfortable (hernia, anyone?) and Hallie was just a year old and so the only thing connecting me to my sanity was practicing crochet.  I remember sitting on that couch, stitching and stitching and stitching but it was never to my satisfaction, in fact the only thing I could make were lumpy triangles and so I would pull all the yarn out and start again. And again. And again.

Then Hanna was born and I put it all aside once more, almost deciding that crochet was not for me.  I had tried it, I had given it a fair shot, and I had failed.  I moved on with life.

Four years later, Hazel was born.  After she was born I was pretty much just an ugly mess of a human.  I had three little kids and a newborn baby to take care of now, and I just couldn't afford to not be present, so I was desperate for something, anything, that could take my mind off my body and it's pains and complaints so I could at least be present in the room and try to take care of my family.

I remember pushing the cart around walmart while I waited for the oil to be changed on the car.  (Last time I ever took the car there for an oil change, literally.)  I was just meandering, trying to keep the kids interested so they wouldn't turn Lord of the Flies on me in boredom, but also trying to avoid the toy aisle, need I explain?

That's how we found ourselves in the arts and crafts section, and that's how I found myself staring at a book with bright and pretty pictures called, "Teach Yourself to Crochet."

I still remember the sound of the voice in my head that said, "enough is enough.  This time, we're doing it."

I bought the little book, and spent the next two years practicing.  It has pretty much saved if not my actual life, then the quality of my life.  

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