Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hallie is really into adjectives right now.  For example, I am no longer just "Mommy". Now, I am always one of the following (and I haven't figured out yet what is the determining factor in which adjective she chooses... but I'm ok with that.)

- Cute mommy
- Big mommy
- Fancy mommy
- Favorite mommy

and Devin is always one of the following:

- Funny daddy
- Tricky daddy
- Big daddy

She also likes to tell me that I have a big belly, and a big bum.  Thank you for that too, Hallie.

And, on a final note, she is terrified of the "snowman".  This is not Frosty the Snowman, because she loves him and any representation of an actual snowman.  No, what she is afraid of is the snow that is on the ground, on the bushes, on our car, and most importantly, when Devin brings it in on his shoes.  When he does that she gets really worked up and won't stop talking about the snowman on Daddy's shoes.  She tells me every day that Frank (our landlord - whom she adores) needs to come wash the snowman outside.  When we go somewhere and there are cars in the parking lot with snow on them she won't rest until she has pointed out every single car that needs to have the snowman washed off of it.

She has actually consented to walking in it twice, but both times she did so with much trepidation, and serious concentration.  I'm not sure how she even knows that the snowmen she sees in pictures are made with the white stuff outside, because she's never seen a real snowman... and she already knew what it was the first time it snowed.  Strange, strange, strange.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

EDIT: This post kept receiving spam comments, and then finally one that was slightly disturbing (Incredibly so. I almost cried.) I could not delete it, and after numerous attempts to do so it was still there.  So I copied and pasted, and re-posted it here.  The original comments, the harmless ones, the ones that will not destroy love, hope, and happiness, are re-posted below:

nicole said...
Ames, it's been far too long. I made a comment on your new house post, you should go check it out - You fancy mama.

Marty Crocker said...
I love that she says you have a big i am so mean. i love you!

mimihalley said...
haha I love the adjectives. :) And I think it is so cute that she calls all snow "snowman" and cute/sad that she is afraid of snow. Poor thing. She'll have to get used to it in Lincoln! Maybe when you're not pregnant and when you are recovered, you can show her how much fun snow(man) can be. :)

Carrie Wood said...
I love reading all your posts. YOu are so funny and also profound at the same time. I hope things go well with the new baby coming!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Keeping Hallie Dressed.

If you try to dress a Hallie, you'll probably start out with a shirt, pants, and socks.  She'll put up with this routine until the day she discovers she has arms just like Mommy, and can take her pants off all by herself.  Then she will start a nightly routine of running around the house approximately thirty minutes before bedtime pant-less.  This we call "No Pants Hallie."  Once she discovers how fun it is to be without pants for a few minutes every day, she will occasionally test the limits.  One day she woke up and decided that she would take off her shoes and pants each time Mommy put them back on.  So finally, her eight months pregnant Mommy decided to let her win this round.  Until her poor little toes almost got lost to frostbite because she somehow also manages to get them wet all the time.  So Mommy insisted on socks at least.  But how do you keep a little girl in socks if she won't even leave pants on?  Well, of course, when you put on socks you then follow it with putting on shoes.

Daddy thought maybe if she wore her fun pumpkin socks she'd leave them on. No such luck.  She did however leave them on after we put on her fancy church shoes.  Clearly, she needs to carry her purse when wearing this outfit, even around the house. Just in case.

So this worked for a while, then I guess she thought she was cold on top.  So she found her coat, and put it on.  And we spent the rest of the day like this.

Hey, at least she matches.

Please don't judge me.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We missed not being with family today, so I am posting the pictures we took of Hallie with her loot so you can see how much fun we had, and maybe that will make me feel like you missed me too...

Ok this is actually Christmas Eve dinner.  We had hamburgers and homemade french fries.  Yummy.  (Devin had a baked potato.)

Just about when Mommy couldn't take it anymore, Hallie got to rip into her presents.  She was so excited about each one however, that it would take us twenty minutes to remind her that she had other presents to open.  It was fun to have her be as excited as she was.

She got her first baby doll, a stroller, car seat, bath tub (with accessories), diaper bag (with accessories), and a little crib.  What a lucky little girl!  Guess what we did ALL DAY LONG.

Devin put together the swing for baby Hanna, and of course Hallie thought it was for her baby doll.  Whom, by the way, we keep trying to get her to name, but whenever we ask her what the babies' name is, she says, "Baby." Ok, got it.

I know, I know. She looks TOO cute in this apron that her Aunt Rachel made.  I couldn't get over it all day.

And now she has something to wear when she helps us cook and bake! (Which, you know in this household we frequently do, and she ALWAYS has to help.)

AND it snowed today!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This is what we looked like one morning when Devin came back from his run:

We had all climbed into bed together for a snuggle because it was the most exhausting week for all of us.  I believe we are "watching" Curious George.

Hallie wears my boots a lot.

You find a lot of interesting things when you spend hours every day looking at other people's homes.  This was one of our favorites.  Devin said, well, until we get it finished all we really need is a box of wipes, right?  Please note that it leads straight into the laundry room too. Zero Privacy, but I'm guessing the no sink is a bigger deal.  Because there is a separate door to go into the "laundry room".

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House Party

Well, of course we had the Third Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party.  This year it was a little different than it has been in years past, however.  This year we invited just our neighbor, she's a really nice lady and going through some hard times in her life right now.  We were very excited to have her over, she loves Hallie and we were all ready to go.  Unfortunately, as often happens at this time of year, she got sick and didn't want to get any of us sick also.  So it was just Devin and I.  And we didn't even get them finished.  So, they are sitting in our laundry room, beautiful, sad looking half finished gingerbread houses.
Well, there's always next year!

Daddy's biggest helper.  Devin made up his own recipe for the gingerbread this year, and I'm really upset with him because he never wrote it down, and our gingerbread turned out better than it ever has before.  It was low fat, low sugar, whole wheat gingerbread and it made really good houses, and tasted better than any other year too.  He would.

Yep, Hallie really likes to help.

Well we had fun working on as much of them as we did.

Although my windows make it look like a submarine, I love my roof.

This was the 2nd Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party.

And here are some friends from the First Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party:


Devin's beard looks like it was a little slow coming in that year... and I gave birth to Hallie just about four weeks after this.  We had a pretty good roof that year too.  AND can you believe Devin actually wore that shirt?  (We'll comb you over!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Come Take a Tour

This is the longest post of all time, but that's because of all the pictures.
So I know I shouldn't let myself get carried away since we still have the inspection to go, but... I feel like we've won half the battle, so I will show you pictures now.

This backyard is one of the  main reasons I wanted this house.  It is on a corner lot, and it is really quite large.  It extends just as far off to the left.  Here you can sort of see the nice swingset we've inherited also, which Hallie will love as it has swings and a slide.

This is the playhouse in the backyard.  It's about nine square feet inside, and has electrical set up and in the spring/summer you can tell it is landscaped.  My girls will be a little spoiled.

This is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, aside from the stairs which you can barely see in the left corner.  It is a formal dining, but we may use it as a formal sitting room.

This is the front door, with the stairs leading up (duh).  The red room you saw before is off to your left.  Devin is probably standing in the doorway to the laundry room to take this picture.

Here is my fabulous laundry room.  I get to pick out my own washer and dryer! Watch out Sears, here I come!!

You get to the kitchen through the dining/sitting room, and I am so excited to have a kitchen with cabinets and counter space!  We have to get a fridge, and someday we'll have all new matching appliances.

Here I am standing in the family room, just off the informal eating area.  That hallway leads to the powder room, and the laundry room (which goes out to the garage).

There are four bedrooms upstairs.  The master, then the yellow one, and then this pink one and a blue one that is exactly the same as the pink one, so we didn't take a picture.  I figure the girls will share until they are in middle school, and then they can decide what they want to do.  That means for the next ten (?) years I'll have at least 2 guest bedrooms!  Come on over!!

We have pictures of the master bedroom, but it's square and boring, so here is the master bath, you can see it has two sinks and a separate toilet/shower area, which I love.  AND it has this, which I love:
Ah, what this back and this belly wouldn't give to be in that tub right now.  Sigh.

Down to the basement.  It is clearly unfinished, but it allows us a lot of potential to do what we want.  I figure we'll put up some walls, epoxy (sp?) the floor, and buy Hallie and Hanna some roller skates.  That'll keep em happy till we have lots of money to make it FAB-ulous.

More unfinished basement, we are told this is set up with the plumbing ready for a bathroom to be put in.  We're thinking kitchenette somewhere too, so we can have long term guests.  Give us ten years, then come on over!!

This is the finished room in the basement, which could be ANOTHER guest room, or an office.  We do have to do something to cover up the fuse box, however.  There is one more room in the basement which has enough lighting I will probably use it as a sewing room.

Devin loves the alcove in the garage for storing bikes, the lawnmower, etc.

Oh yeah, so I get my porch too. And the backyard has a white picket fence. I know it's not a privacy fence, but I always loved the idea of a white picket fence.

And here is the playhouse in the summer time, obviously the owners still lived here then and that is their grill and chair, but can you imagine how great it will look when I plant flowers and put up curtains?  Drooling...


What a day yesterday was.  First, some background on the house.  The owner has been trying to sell it since June.  When he heard that we had looked at it on Monday (yeah, it was the first house we looked at, and really the only one I ever wanted after that...) he lowered his price pretty significantly, we thought, and his realtor made sure to tell ours that he was a "motivated" seller.  We thought we had all sorts of bargaining power at this point.

We wanted to look at the house one last time (this would be the fourth time we looked at it) before we rode out of town, to have it fresh in our minds as we thought about whether or not we were going to make an offer and how much we were willing to spend, etc.  We had almost decided that we would be making an offer that day, but Devin still wasn't quite sure.  We stop by the house and of course, I love it as much as ever.  Devin says his qualms are starting to go away, and we're feeling good.  The realtor comes over and has some news.  Another family looked at the house on Thursday (this was Friday morning) and they were putting in their offer that afternoon (Friday).  What?  Well, there went our bargaining power and all of a sudden we had to make a better offer than some unknown person.

We went over to the realtor's office and she ran all sorts of numbers for us and left us alone to talk about it.  We had major sticker shock and were about to call the whole thing off, and I was fighting off tears.  We talked and talked until we were blue in the face, we talked to a loan officer, we talked to my mom, we talked to the realtor again, we went over our spending plan, and finally felt that it would be money well spent.

It's hard after so many years of putting back the butter if it's going to make the weekly grocery bill higher than it should be to sign away so much of your money like that...

This morning we found out our offer had been accepted, and assuming all goes well with the inspection (cross your fingers here again), the house will be ours by January 31st.


Someone pinch me.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Offer...

Well, we're going to be placing an offer on a house in the morning it looks like.  Yikes.  It's been a long week, and we've seen many houses.  Some beautiful, some strange, and some with security alarms going off.  (I was terrified the police would show up any minute, and then a little unnerved when they never did...)

The house is my favorite, and I am hoping that Devin will learn to love it as much as I do.  We'll see if our offer goes through, and then I'll let you know all about it.  I'm trying really hard to remember that just because we put in an offer, doesn't mean it will be ours.  Lots of things could happen first.

But I AM crossing my fingers.

Friday, December 11, 2009

A Shrunken Heart and a "Bah Humbug"?

Give it to me straight, am I Scrooge, or the Grinch?  Be honest here.

I was thinking about how I started my last post, and I realized that I sounded really grouchy about buying a house.  I'd like to apologize for that, and set the record straight.  I am, in fact, thrilled that we are going to finally own a home, in part because that means we are (anticipating) living somewhere long enough to make it economically feasible.  That's a huge deal.  Not to mention the fact that the lure of owning a house is the only thing that is going to propel me into the car some morning in March with all my belongings packed away and on the road behind me.  Ok, that and the fact that my mister will be going to Nebraska, and I really like him, and his job is what provides the money for the food and clothes my babies and I enjoy, and as of March, that job will be in Nebraska.  So, go CORNHUSKERS!! (weird, I know.)

Again, we haven't even actually started looking at houses yet (we leave tomorrow) and already I have learned:

- the difference between an FHA and a conventional loan.
- the difference between the interest rate and the APR when comparing loan offers.
- what a "point" is, and the meaning of the word "escrow".
- what it means when they say "to be sold as is"
- what a three quarter bathroom is (am I the only one that didn't know that?)
- that there are more cows than people in Nebraska
- that I still have a lot to learn...

and I have felt:

- grateful that we have been able to save enough to afford a home.
- relieved that we don't have any debt, or loans, or other demands on our money
- humbled by how little I know
- excited thinking about having a dishwasher and a garden
- proud of my husband for working so hard and accomplishing so much (he has 2 more papers almost ready for submission, which practically puts our Christmas letter out of date before most of you have even seen it.)
- happy knowing that my daughters will have a stable place to call home (sigh, although, this may yet again be just a dream of mine... we'll see!! I'm optimistic.)

So, I think my heart was shrunken and I was "Bah Humbug"-ing because I had forgotten for a moment all of these things, but truly, this is how I feel about it most of the time.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What ELSE we did...

I am feeling extremely frustrated/overwhelmed by the whole house buying process, and we haven't actually looked at any houses yet (aside from online).  I've been on the computer and on the phone for days with mortgage companies, a realtor, bothering Devin and work repeatedly to ask him what he thinks of what I should do, and so I decided to cheer myself up I would put up more pictures from our trip to California.  These are from Devin's parents' camera. (Although I just got a phone call, we've been approved for a loan, so at least we have that when we do start looking...)

Well, you knew we went to a farm,  here is Hallie with her Grandma Rose.

And I realize you know that Devin ran in a 10k, but he just looks really tough, and so here's another picture of that event.

Of course we had a feast.  Devin made a perfect turkey, and we also had his signature stuffing, my "famous" sweet potatoes, and the obvious other assortment of Thanksgiving delights. All of which Devin and I made by hand, except for the gravy.  Ha - this year we did cheat on that, and went McCormick's.  Yummy.

Hallie had a playdate.  She still asks about "Abby".  They are just a few days apart in age, and I think they had a good time together.

We took family pictures.  Don't worry about Hallie, she had that kind of expression in all of the pictures.  The rest of us look like a really nice bunch, though, don't we?

And, as is frequently the case with family pictures, only about two of them turned out well.  Notice we even have someone missing in this one, and Hallie's getting a snack.

We spent a lot of time enjoying the sunshine.  I was fairly convinced that I'd come back with a tan, it was so sunny.

Here we are having some basic quality time together.

AND that about sums up our trip to California.