Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gingerbread House Party

Well, of course we had the Third Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party.  This year it was a little different than it has been in years past, however.  This year we invited just our neighbor, she's a really nice lady and going through some hard times in her life right now.  We were very excited to have her over, she loves Hallie and we were all ready to go.  Unfortunately, as often happens at this time of year, she got sick and didn't want to get any of us sick also.  So it was just Devin and I.  And we didn't even get them finished.  So, they are sitting in our laundry room, beautiful, sad looking half finished gingerbread houses.
Well, there's always next year!

Daddy's biggest helper.  Devin made up his own recipe for the gingerbread this year, and I'm really upset with him because he never wrote it down, and our gingerbread turned out better than it ever has before.  It was low fat, low sugar, whole wheat gingerbread and it made really good houses, and tasted better than any other year too.  He would.

Yep, Hallie really likes to help.

Well we had fun working on as much of them as we did.

Although my windows make it look like a submarine, I love my roof.

This was the 2nd Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party.

And here are some friends from the First Annual Rose Family Gingerbread House Making Party:


Devin's beard looks like it was a little slow coming in that year... and I gave birth to Hallie just about four weeks after this.  We had a pretty good roof that year too.  AND can you believe Devin actually wore that shirt?  (We'll comb you over!)


  1. You look so cute in that last picture. Hehe, and you look gorgeous now of course. Devin would just make up a tasty, healthy recipe for gingerbread!! A goal in my life is to be there one year at your annual gingerbread house making fiesta. It will happen!!!

  2. Oh yeah, and I can't even handle how good Hallie's hair looks!!!

  3. yeah, how come i have never been to one of these festive gingerbread house making parties?

  4. you make a most adorable pregnant woman!!!

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