Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hallie is really into adjectives right now.  For example, I am no longer just "Mommy". Now, I am always one of the following (and I haven't figured out yet what is the determining factor in which adjective she chooses... but I'm ok with that.)

- Cute mommy
- Big mommy
- Fancy mommy
- Favorite mommy

and Devin is always one of the following:

- Funny daddy
- Tricky daddy
- Big daddy

She also likes to tell me that I have a big belly, and a big bum.  Thank you for that too, Hallie.

And, on a final note, she is terrified of the "snowman".  This is not Frosty the Snowman, because she loves him and any representation of an actual snowman.  No, what she is afraid of is the snow that is on the ground, on the bushes, on our car, and most importantly, when Devin brings it in on his shoes.  When he does that she gets really worked up and won't stop talking about the snowman on Daddy's shoes.  She tells me every day that Frank (our landlord - whom she adores) needs to come wash the snowman outside.  When we go somewhere and there are cars in the parking lot with snow on them she won't rest until she has pointed out every single car that needs to have the snowman washed off of it.

She has actually consented to walking in it twice, but both times she did so with much trepidation, and serious concentration.  I'm not sure how she even knows that the snowmen she sees in pictures are made with the white stuff outside, because she's never seen a real snowman... and she already knew what it was the first time it snowed.  Strange, strange, strange.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

EDIT: This post kept receiving spam comments, and then finally one that was slightly disturbing (Incredibly so. I almost cried.) I could not delete it, and after numerous attempts to do so it was still there.  So I copied and pasted, and re-posted it here.  The original comments, the harmless ones, the ones that will not destroy love, hope, and happiness, are re-posted below:

nicole said...
Ames, it's been far too long. I made a comment on your new house post, you should go check it out - You fancy mama.

Marty Crocker said...
I love that she says you have a big i am so mean. i love you!

mimihalley said...
haha I love the adjectives. :) And I think it is so cute that she calls all snow "snowman" and cute/sad that she is afraid of snow. Poor thing. She'll have to get used to it in Lincoln! Maybe when you're not pregnant and when you are recovered, you can show her how much fun snow(man) can be. :)

Carrie Wood said...
I love reading all your posts. YOu are so funny and also profound at the same time. I hope things go well with the new baby coming!!

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