Wednesday, August 10, 2005


wow now maine is over too, and school starts again in like a week and a half. where does life go? so maine was awesome. i can't say it enough, and since it's my standard response when people ask me how it was, i say it alot. it was absolutely amazing. i mean, the place is perfect. it is the most beautiful all around nature outdid herself place. the ocean, the mountains, the weather, the funny people... everything. work was work, but for the most part enjoyable. we worked with some nutty coworkers, but i wish them all the best of luck in their future lives. ( i pray for matt and mike... they need help.) i mowed an old woman's lawn, that was probably my hardest day of work - they had let the grass grow to almost two feet tall, and they gave me some jank mower to use, and it was up this huge hill. i have never mowed up a hill before. it was a million degrees outside and i was so covered in grass clippings by the end of the day that my skin on my hands and arms was literally stained green and i looked like the jolly green giant. it was awesome, the lady felt so bad that it was such a hard job that she gave me crab meat, which i guess is a real nice gesture. i never got to eat it though, we forgot about it and it sat in the fridge for too long. i saw five deer, one otter, but no puffins or moose(s?). i never ate lobster, the only time i went in a position to get lobster i ate corn on the cob instead. you can take the girl out of indiana, but you can't take the indiana out of the girl. i made so many friends ( in no special order): melissa, alexa, carrie, rizzo (her real name is liz, but she is a ranger, and one day i got excited and called her riz... so i decided to call her riz which sometimes became rizzo, which then led to sometimes rizzo and the sunshine gang. don't ask if you know me, you'll know...), and toby and chris and the blue hill boys, marc, james and spencer. it was an awesome summer. landon came out to visit, so did my mom three times, my dad once, and my brother once, and nick empey came to see nicole, and us too a little bit... oh and jacob hotness jackson came too. my parents are moving to michigan here in about a month or so, and that will be strange. pete just bought a house down in indianapolis, hannah ellis is on her honey moon, sarah jackson is getting married in the fall, and my friends are growing up all around me, but i guess arguments could be made that i am growing up too. i guess we can't stop it from happening. this is my last year at school, i only have a semester left after this one, and then my mom and i have been talking and thinking about me moving out to utah to live with mimi for a year maybe longer. we'll see. my girls, stacy, kristy and jackie it will be so strange to have our last year together! kristy and stacy are graduating, and since i will only need a six month lease... it's all over for us. let's not think about that yet. nope. my dog is fat. i came home from maine and she is huge. so i take her on walks, we went for an hour long walk today and when we got back she panted out of control for like 30 minutes, i thought maybe i'd killed her. whoops. she seems fine now though. the alumni soccer game is tomorrow, it will be my last one, and my final goodbye to murray. it will be hard to say a last goodbye to that old bag. oh well. life moves on, i've learned.