Wednesday, April 27, 2005

rah rah roo

hmm. i am so sleepy. block three is basically done. i have some last minute detail work to do, and then that's it. eas (earth and atmospheric science) is done tomorrow when i take my exam... and i have my last spanish class... it's getting there. i can't wait for this semester to end and i can go to maine. i will miss everyone, and it's going to be a weird summer away from family and friends for my birthday, and to not see anyone really... but i can't wait to see maine. i've never been, and i hear it's amazing. my lil meems came up to visit, she's been here a few days... it's been so nice to have her here. she drove me all over, we had a nice adventure with my laundry, she did two loads for me while i was at class (isn't she the sweetest?) but my dryer is broken, so i had two loads of wet laundry when i came home. so, i found some friends and took my wet laundry to their houses. it was... awesome. then today we called our landlord people to tell them about the broken dryer and they send someone over and he can't figure it out so i go to class and it's my last block three class EVER and then i am getting out of my friends car who had given me a ride home and i see kyle, kelly's boyfriend getting out of a truck, but the missionaries live across the street from me and so i'm like hey you here to get the elders? and he was like no, i have to fix a dryer. and i started shouting in the middle of the street, "my dryer? you fixing my dryer?" and he was like "i don't know, are you number 5?" and i was like, still in the middle of the street, still shouting, like - "my dryer! my dryer!" and so he fixed it. amazing. i made an awesome cd, it's called "black pirate jack" and the theme is "boys of the summer" by the ataris. i've been listening to it for like four straight days now. maybe five. so... let's hear it for well deserved naps that are precursers to more late late nights. but... they are nearing an end! so... get excited about that. peace out everyone, and stay stress free.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


oh beautiful rain
oh glorious dark skies
oh heavenly mud

what a happy day.

i found my keys.

thank you to everyone who prayed for me, i know there were a lot of you, and thanks so much for keeping me cheerful... it was hard at times, i know.

but i found them... i think i will have an nervous compulsion to be constantly checking that i have them now, and i will probably be remembered as that girl who had a strange attachment to her keys, sentimental almost. whatever it was, something just wasn't quite... right.

but at least i have them. i love them.

again, thank you.

have a beautiful cold rainy day. i know i am. -amy