Monday, August 31, 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009

Bunnies in Diapers

Some Background Info: Hallie has been giving me a hard time with diaper changes lately, and I've had to put my foot on her chest/tummy to hold her down so I can put the diaper on. It's not fun.

Hallie was being unusually quiet so I went to investigate what was holding her interest for so long. I found her in her bedroom, where she had carefully arranged all of her diaper changing stuff, and her stuffed bunny on the diaper changing mat. She looked at me to see if she was doing something wrong, but I was intrigued, so I just watched her work. She picked up a diaper and started trying to put him in it. Then she (and I kid you not) put her foot on the bunny's tummy, and spoke to him in a "stern" babble. (I could not stop myself from laughing at this.) She left her foot on his tummy and tried to get the diaper on again.

Then she seemed to remember that she had skipped a few steps, so she got out the A&D ointment, and "put" some on him, then she "put" some baby powder on him, and then (again, I kid you not) she got out a wipe and wiped him down! (Out of order, I realize, but still pretty good!!) Then she tried a few more times to put the diaper on. I intervened and did it for her, but boy was that a big mistake! She started crying and crying. Hastily I yanked the foolish diaper back off, and she was all smiles again as she tried over and over to diaper him.

I was so proud of her. This is by far the most imaginative play I have seen her engaged in thus far, and she was having so much fun arranging everything and taking care of her little baby!

Oh, I forgot my other favorite part. When she was done, she picked up the bunny, and while patting his little bum she held him close and said, "Shhhhhh" in a soothing way, which is what I always do when we are done with a traumatic diaper change, or when she hurts herself. What a little mommy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Baby... Sister?

Hallie was brushing her teeth this morning, and I was combing her hair, and all of a sudden I remembered one of the dreams I had last night. I dreamt that we came home from the hospital with the new baby, and I was resting on the couch. Hallie and Devin went down the hall to put the baby in the crib, and I sat on the couch and realized I didn't know if it was a boy or a girl! I shouted down the hall, "so what do we have? A brother, or a sister?" There was a breathless moment, then Devin shouted back "It's a sister!"

So, hmm. A sister? We'll see I guess... two weeks.

Also, for my own records, a few new words Hallie has picked up: (and if I repeat any from previous lists, I sincerely apologize)


and my favorite new word:
We were having tacos for dinner, and she wouldn't eat anything. She kept staring at Devin's taco, and so I said, "Hallie, do you want a bite of Daddy's taco?" And she pointed at it, and said "TA-CO". Devin and I just stared at each other in amazement. I guess she wanted some taco. (That's the best she's ever done on a two syllable word, her first try.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Kiss

Hallie's first kiss. She's 18 months old, he's a few months younger, but younger men are very fashionable right now I believe. He is my cousin's little boy, but that makes them (I think, second cousins?) so that's legal.

She has found a new little "boy"friend that lives closer, with whom she has shared many kisses. He is about a year older than she is, calls himself Bubba, and he loves trucks. I approve.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Moments of Frustration

Have you ever had something so frustrating happen that you had to just sit down, distance yourself from the situation, and force yourself to relax? I had one of those moments the other day, and it was entirely my fault.

I was watering the plants. An innocent enough chore, it would seem. I have a cute little pink watering can that Devin's mom got for me, and I fill it up, take it in to my plants, and give them all a nice little drink. I think that's how most people probably water their (indoor) plants. I have one plant that wasn't doing too well, it's really tall, and the bottom leaves had started turning a little brown, so I was pulling the ugly, dead ones off, and of course, I had set down the watering can to do so. At Hallie's grabbable level. I could hear myself thinking, "This pretty pink can is full of water. Hallie doesn't necessarily know that. She'll probably try to grab it." I continued gathering leaves. Hallie came over to investigate, and when she didn't immediately grab the can, of course, I relaxed. Then she grabbed the can and made a small puddle on the table. I took the can from her, put it back down, and went to get some paper towels. I wiped up her small puddle, and thought, I really shouldn't be leaving this pretty pink grabbable can at her level, especially when I'm going in the other room to throw these paper towels away. I left it there. I walked to the kitchen, threw the paper towels away, and came back to finish watering the first plant. Hallie had, thoughtfully, waited for me to return before she grabbed the watering can again and poured what really was this time more of a Lake Michigan all over the table, couch, and floor. I took the can from her, perhaps a bit more forcefully this time, and put it on a slightly higher shelf, one that I knew she could also reach, and went to get a towel. I sopped up the water as best I could, and went to water my next three plants. I was watering the second one when I noticed it also had some brown, dead leaves. I put the pretty pink can back in its utterly grabbable spot on this slightly higher horizontal surface, and started picking at those leaves. Hallie watched me for a moment, and I heard myself think, "You're being really stupid. The can is still where she could grab it." She didn't immediately grab it, and I relaxed. She grabbed the can and now I had the Pacific Ocean in the middle of our family room. I went into the kitchen to grab another towel, and I'm telling the truth here: I threw back my head and laughed. It was probably slightly hysterical in nature, but I did manage to laugh. I also FINALLY took the can and put it out of Hallie's reach. I couldn't quite get up all the water, and that area of the family room was wet all night.

Some days, I just don't seem to learn.

Friday, August 21, 2009


On Saturdays we clean. Devin does the kitchen and bathroom, and I tidy, organize, do laundry, and basically try to restore order to our home. We like to listen to music while we do this (you know the song, Stacy. Scrubbing Day!) and a few Saturdays ago Devin found a CD of mine that I had labeled "Hot Hot Crate Dancing" and put that one in. Oh wow. It took me straight back to that crazy, fantastic summer of 2005 in Maine, which summer was one of the biggest turning points in my life. I sat on the bed folding laundry, and in my mind I was back in the barn, dancing to Michael Jackson. So I made a list of other songs that take me to other places, other times, with other people that I love so much:
(in no real particular order)
Daydream Believer - Stacy you know this one is about you. Our dorm room freshman and sophomore year, swinging our arms around and trying to not be stressed about school. (Remember how it turns out I actually was stressed, and the doctor prescribed a brown bag for me?)
Carole King - every time I hear a Carole King song, I'm back in the car on a road trip somewhere singing with my sister and my dad.
Lion King Soundtrack - this one takes me to two places. First, my childhood. One of our summers back from Brasil, and we bought the tape before we even saw the movie. Yeah, my sister and I had every word from every song memorized before we saw it in the theatre. Then of course, rocking out with Al, even to the songs that don't have words!!
Michael Jackson - as previously mentioned, our Michael Janson Dax party.
Police - I can't think of the name of the song, but I always find myself back at that gas station in Colorado, shocking the locals with our strange and enthusiastic dance moves as we filled up the tanks.
Little Mermaid - except in my head it has our own special lyrics, Sarah, Al and Mimi... you know what I mean. Can you believe we performed that in front of sooo many people?
I Will Survive - Again, with Sarah, Mimi, and Al, our little dance routine we worked out. Remember how Grandma B was visiting us, and asked us if we had any other music?
You'll Be In My Heart - Spring Break with Stacy, Kristy, and Jackie. (Of course, both spring breaks have their own entire soundtracks, but I particularly remember this one, when we sat in the car back in Lafayette and waited until this song was over to get out of the car.)
Random Oldies - there are so many oldies that my mom and I used to get pretty crazy with, that I can't sing anymore at a normal volume.

This is not a complete list, just the first few that I thought of. There are many many others, and if you feel like I have forgotten a special song that I share with YOU, please remind me. Or, if there are special songs in your life, I'd love to hear what they remind you of.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thanks, Lindsey.

Thanks for the pictures Lindsey. I think it looks great as the new banner for my blog.

Everyone, look to see it on the 2009 Rose Family Christmas Card! (I'm mostly just kidding, Lindsey.)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Hallie and her handsome, handsome daddy.

Well, she loves her daddy.

And sometimes she lets mommy near too. (For some reason she really didn't want me too close in the pool if Devin was also in the pool. Who knows.)

Again, I found some pictures that I didn't know I had! How do I do that so often, I'm not sure... my mom emailed me these ones, and I guess I forgot about them. Luckily, they aren't actually THAT old, from the Fourth of July, again.

We had a good time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dad's Soccer Game

We got to go watch my dad play soccer with some of his co-workers when we were up there visiting for the Fourth of July. I don't seem to have any pictures of him playing, but play he did, and he did play well. It was so fun to see him in action, although he did still love prowling the sidelines when he was not IN the game, which brought back fond high school memories.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost Pictures

I just found these pictures in a random folder on our computer. I don't really even know what they're from, but I can tell we are at Dan and Rachel's apartment, and Hallie is about six months old. She looks so different now!

Also, don't forget to vote on my little poll on the side. I'm really curious to see what everyone thinks!

Coming Soon...

to an ultrasound near you. (ok, near me.) We find out on Sept. 9 if it is a boy or a girl! Wish us luck.

Also, a few new words Hallie has picked up:

and she tries really hard to say, "Hallie." We're getting there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Why Giving Matters

This will be long. I can't help myself.

I just read this incredible article. The writer starts off by talking about John D. Rockefeller, and how in 1905 he was quoted as saying, "God gave me my money." (Reo Bennett, "How the Richest Man in the World Observes Christmas," Woman's Home Companion, December 1905, p. 14) This statement made more than just a few people upset with him, thinking that he meant that he was saying God made him rich and left other people poor because he was better than them. That is not what he meant. A year later he clarified by saying essentially that he believed making money was a gift from God, and that you have to develop it to benefit mankind. He believed that God allowed him to have so much money because he used it to help others, and that if he stopped being so generous and giving of his money, God would take it away.

The author of this article is Roman Catholic, so he does believe in God. But he is also an economist, and he just did not believe the idea that you can make money by giving it away. He set out to prove Rockefeller wrong. He decided to look into the data of Americans, their incomes, and their habits of giving. First he compared our country to other countries. The average American gives 3 and a half times more than the average French citizen, 7 times as much as the average German, and 14 times as much as the average Italian. Then he looked to see if that is because we are "richer" on average. If you correct for income differences, and tax differences, the gap doesn't close.

Harvard University collected data on 30,000 American families from 41 communities coast to coast in a comprehensive look at people's service behavior and charitable giving. He waited for these data because he was going to use it as a statistical way to show that you have to have money before you can start giving it away - that you can't make money by giving it away. He worked for months on his computer. He did find that as people get richer they give more away. Unfortunately for him however, he also found that the more you give, the more you prosper. For example, if you have two identical families, same religion, same race, same number of kids, same town, same level of education - everything the same except one family gives $100 more to charity than the second family. Then the family who gives earns on average $375 more in income than the non-giving family - and it is statistically attributable to the gift. ???

He was so perplexed by these findings that he threw them all out, and started over again. He got new software, new data, and he reworked the whole problem. This time he looked at people who volunteer too. People who give of their time to volunteer do better financially. He ran the numbers on blood donations. You're not going to get richer if you give blood, are you? Well, yes, you are. Again, he was frustrated with these findings, so he completely ignored them. He decided to try another approach.

No matter how he looked at it, it was undeniable. If you give of your money, your time, your talents, you will have more money, statistically speaking. (That is to say, perhaps not every one individual will find this to be true in their case, but keep giving, and karma will bless you later!)

What are his conclusions? What should we do with this information? We need to fight the myths of gift giving.
Myth #1 - Giving makes us poorer. Well, this economist just proved statistically in three different ways that this just isn't true.
Myth #2 - People are naturally selfish. Also not true, when we are our best selves, when we are at our happiest, (think Christmastime!!) we are giving.
Myth #3 - Giving is a luxury. It's not. It is a necessity, we must give the first 10%, not the last 10%.
Myth #4 - You will hear in the coming days and weeks and months that if our country were doing what it should be doing for people in need, then we wouldn't need private giving, that the government would be taking care of people who need it, and that we would not need you to step in to provide for others. I am here to tell you, having looked at the data, that the day the government takes over for you in your private charity is the day we get poorer, unhappier, and unhealthier. We must demand to take our place as givers and support the communities and people who need the services we can provide."

Arthur C. Brooks is president of the American Enterprise Institute. This is adapted from a forum address given on February 24, 2009. (And then I took it and summarized it from the adaptation, which I found in the summer 2009 BYU Magazine p. 26) The statements in bold I took straight from the article.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Experience

I had an experience this morning. It was not really a big deal, but it was to me. It was just one of those small things that had been worrying me, and I kept praying for it to work out, but was starting to get really nervous that it would not. Then, just as I had given up hope, I kept thinking maybe I should check one more time. I tried to ignore it, because, as I said, I had given up hope and I did not want to be disappointed again, but I finally realized that if I didn't check, and it was there, I would be so mad at myself for having given up! So, of course, I went and checked.

Lo and behold!! Exactly what I wanted, just when I needed it.

A small reminder that Heavenly Father loves me, that he knows what is making me anxious, and that he cares. Not that everything I want always works out the way I want it to, because His plan and mine aren't always exactly the same (still working on that) and his timeline and mine aren't always the same (still working on that) but He does give us these beautiful little moments every now and then. What a small thing, and yet how happy it made me!!

I hope you are having a beautiful day too.

Monday, August 3, 2009


A note about previous blogs. Hallie does say "momma" now, she started saying it a few days after I posted her list, but she only says it when I ask her to. But to be honest, she only says any of those words when I tell her to, or when I ask her if she wants say, juice. Then she'll repeat juice. But she never spontaneously says any of those words. Except for her other two new words. Yesterday Devin taught her "off" and "on". She walked around saying "off" over and over. So go figure.

Also, on my post about the bagpipes, one of the comments said that he was one of the bagpipe players. It's true! I don't know how he found my blog or that I had posted about them, but I went to his blog, and that's definitely the group I saw. So, if you want to see what they look like or check out their story, you can go to the blog that he put on his comment. Pretty neat!!!

And a picture: Hallie's first time in nursery! (The 18 month old babies to the 3 year old kids play here during the last two meetings of church.)
Surprise: She's not the smallest one in there, there is one little girl who came in the same day she did that is smaller.
Not surprise: She doesn't love it. See the kid to the left of her? That's my friend Amanda's little boy, Christopher. He was having a rough day too.