Monday, August 3, 2009


A note about previous blogs. Hallie does say "momma" now, she started saying it a few days after I posted her list, but she only says it when I ask her to. But to be honest, she only says any of those words when I tell her to, or when I ask her if she wants say, juice. Then she'll repeat juice. But she never spontaneously says any of those words. Except for her other two new words. Yesterday Devin taught her "off" and "on". She walked around saying "off" over and over. So go figure.

Also, on my post about the bagpipes, one of the comments said that he was one of the bagpipe players. It's true! I don't know how he found my blog or that I had posted about them, but I went to his blog, and that's definitely the group I saw. So, if you want to see what they look like or check out their story, you can go to the blog that he put on his comment. Pretty neat!!!

And a picture: Hallie's first time in nursery! (The 18 month old babies to the 3 year old kids play here during the last two meetings of church.)
Surprise: She's not the smallest one in there, there is one little girl who came in the same day she did that is smaller.
Not surprise: She doesn't love it. See the kid to the left of her? That's my friend Amanda's little boy, Christopher. He was having a rough day too.


  1. Awww poor girl! I'm sorry she doesn't like nursery. Jeff has decided that working in the nursery is the hardest calling in the church. How big is your nursery/how many kids are there in it? Ours is huge. Jeff thinks it should be split in half. There are five nursery workers, but Jeff says it isn't close to enough, especially when a bunch of the kids want to be held the whole time.

    One of my friends has to stay in there almost every Sunday, because her son just cries and cries. Sometimes she gets to sneak out for RS, because he'll finally be comfortable without her, but she never makes it to SS. Poor little guy.

    Yay! I'm so happy that she says momma now! Hehe. How about Mimi? How's that coming. ;) JK. I can wait my turn. Have you been working on Gigi, so she can say it when Grandma is there? :)

    Hehe off and on are great words!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA I just looked at the big version of the picture. At first I was like, hey you guys (or Devin at least) didn't like that dress. I was surprised she was wearing it, but then I saw that you guys "fixed" it, by making it fitted with a bow. Haha. Now the reason you didn't like it is eliminated. Tricky. Smart. That's my girl!

    She looks so cute, by the way. And I can't believe she isn't the smallest! Wow!

    Sigh. I wish I got to see you this week. But I am super excited to see Dad and Grandma, so I should just be grateful. :)

  2. Oh, and way cool about the bagpipe guy.