Friday, August 21, 2009


On Saturdays we clean. Devin does the kitchen and bathroom, and I tidy, organize, do laundry, and basically try to restore order to our home. We like to listen to music while we do this (you know the song, Stacy. Scrubbing Day!) and a few Saturdays ago Devin found a CD of mine that I had labeled "Hot Hot Crate Dancing" and put that one in. Oh wow. It took me straight back to that crazy, fantastic summer of 2005 in Maine, which summer was one of the biggest turning points in my life. I sat on the bed folding laundry, and in my mind I was back in the barn, dancing to Michael Jackson. So I made a list of other songs that take me to other places, other times, with other people that I love so much:
(in no real particular order)
Daydream Believer - Stacy you know this one is about you. Our dorm room freshman and sophomore year, swinging our arms around and trying to not be stressed about school. (Remember how it turns out I actually was stressed, and the doctor prescribed a brown bag for me?)
Carole King - every time I hear a Carole King song, I'm back in the car on a road trip somewhere singing with my sister and my dad.
Lion King Soundtrack - this one takes me to two places. First, my childhood. One of our summers back from Brasil, and we bought the tape before we even saw the movie. Yeah, my sister and I had every word from every song memorized before we saw it in the theatre. Then of course, rocking out with Al, even to the songs that don't have words!!
Michael Jackson - as previously mentioned, our Michael Janson Dax party.
Police - I can't think of the name of the song, but I always find myself back at that gas station in Colorado, shocking the locals with our strange and enthusiastic dance moves as we filled up the tanks.
Little Mermaid - except in my head it has our own special lyrics, Sarah, Al and Mimi... you know what I mean. Can you believe we performed that in front of sooo many people?
I Will Survive - Again, with Sarah, Mimi, and Al, our little dance routine we worked out. Remember how Grandma B was visiting us, and asked us if we had any other music?
You'll Be In My Heart - Spring Break with Stacy, Kristy, and Jackie. (Of course, both spring breaks have their own entire soundtracks, but I particularly remember this one, when we sat in the car back in Lafayette and waited until this song was over to get out of the car.)
Random Oldies - there are so many oldies that my mom and I used to get pretty crazy with, that I can't sing anymore at a normal volume.

This is not a complete list, just the first few that I thought of. There are many many others, and if you feel like I have forgotten a special song that I share with YOU, please remind me. Or, if there are special songs in your life, I'd love to hear what they remind you of.


  1. There is a particular song that always makes me think of you... In fact every time I hear the song previous to it on the CD that was always in my car after seminary I think of you...

  2. Every Little Things She Does is Magic! And yes, who could forget the Michael Jansen Dax Party?

  3. Haha. Crazy that we did perform that song in front of so many people. And I definitely remember the "real" Little Mermaid lyrics. ;)

    One of the songs that always makes me think of you and Smashers is Change the World by MJ. :)

    Let's see . . .

    Man, I think there are more songs that make me think of you than any other person. :)

    Karen Carpenter and Helen Reddy bring back memories of you and Mom, too.