Saturday, October 11, 2014

1 Mile, 31 Miles

Today was the big day.  The day we've all been waiting for, for months.  Anticipation and anxiety for how the day would go were at fever pitch - the runners were feeling it, the spectators were feeling it.

How were we even going to get everyone where they needed to be?  It was complicated, and messy, and in the end turned out beautifully.  We managed to be there to watch Devin at each of the points we wanted to, and even caught him at two extra points we weren't planning on!

Hallie didn't win her pumpkin run, and she had a momentary confusion where she walked off the course into a crowd of people and I experienced mild to severe panic; but with the help of a friend she got back on track and ran her legs as hard as they would go.

Devin's injury didn't bother him as much as he feared, and when we saw him at the end he smiled and waved as heartily as he did at mile 6.  When we met up with him after the finish line, he admitted that "everything hurts. Everything.  My teeth hurt."  but he looked happy, and strong, and proud.

I am so proud of my runners.  
I hope to run with them next year!  

Hanna will be doing the pumpkin run next year. 
 I can't even believe how big they are all getting.

Hallie shows off her excellent running form.

Devin at mile six.  

Waiting for Daddy at mile 27.5

 I bring an entire Devin fan club with me wherever I go.

Hazel was such a trooper.
 I couldn't believe how well they all handled the long day. 

I definitely could not have done it without my mom, though.  
Thanks for coming, Mom.

Devin at mile 27.5

 Big finish!
I am really proud of that man.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And Two

If you were to stand outside my house and listen closely, you might hear me singing at the top of my lungs, per Heather's constant request:

"Everybody wants to be naked and two! Everybody wants to be just like Heather, she's naked! and two..."

This song would probably make a lot more sense if you had an older brother that listened to the music my older brother listened to, and if you knew that Heather was deep in the throes of trying to decide whether or not she wants to be potty trained. Some days she is, some days she isn't.  Diaper? Panties? We are having a hard time making up our mind here.

Other fun stories from around here lately include:

Heather came up to me and said, with a solemn face, "When I grow up, I want to be a... a... a... trash can."
Then, there was a sudden wild dancing with a lot of hip action and, "No! I when I am big, I will be a cookie jar."

Hanna sat in the car, pensively looking out the window.  Then she said to me, "Mom, I guess I know why it's called barefoot.  Because when we go outside without our shoes on, we are being like the bears.  So they call it 'bearfoot'.  Do you think that's right, Mom?"
Of course I think that's right. Who messed up the spelling there, Mr. Webster, or Mr. Miriam?

Hanna came running to me, in desperate panic, "Mom! There's a mosquito bite on my brain! It's on my brain!"  Sometimes I just don't know how to solve their problems.  I have no idea how to scratch that itch, kid.

Hallie came into my bedroom when I was folding laundry.  It had been a long day full of many activities and chores.  She dramatically threw herself onto the ground near me.  "There's nothing  to do! I'm so bored! And I don't want to color, and I don't want to go outside and I don't want to help you fold those clothes and there's nothing to do.  I'm so thirsty and there's no water and I looked and we have no water and I am so thirsty and so bored and when will I get to wear high heels?"

I'm not even sure which was the biggest issue there for her, the boredom, or the thirst, or the lack of high heels in her life.

Life is so hard, but at least sometimes it's funny too.