Friday, February 27, 2009

Dancing Queen

Hallie loves to sing, and she loves to dance. Sometimes she dances to her own "songs". It's highly amusing. I have been trying to catch her dancing to record it for posterity, but it's not easy, since she stops as soon as she sees the camera so she can pose for me. This is thoughtful of her, but makes my job of recording her dance quite tricky. Well, I finally got it, but it is taken from behind, so she wouldn't see the camera.

This video is an example of one of my attempts. I really put it on here because Mimi bought her that cute little dress, and I wanted her to see how adorable Hallie looks in it. She's pretty much grown out of it, but you can still see the cuteness!

I apologize for the mixer being on, so you can't hear the music that she's dancing to. She is dancing to music though, and not the mixer.

She's got moves you've never seen!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Airplanes, and Home Again

After Stacy left us, Kristy and I went to an airplane museum, where old Air Force planes are on display, because I thought it looked pretty cool. I am wearing a sweater because I was all packed and ready to go home, suitcase in the car, and it's cold in Illinois. But yes, I did get strange looks from people, as it was sunny and warm.
I guess technically this is a helicopter.

This is an A-10. That's right. THE illusive, infamous, illustrious, etc. A-10! And that's me, next to it. (I'm not at all sure what is so cool about an A-10... but some guys I know go nutsy over them, so there's gotta be something there.)
This plane was just really really big.

But you know, as great as Florida is, and as much as I love the beach, and Kristy and Stacy (and I do love them...) it was really nice to be home.
Can you tell Hallie helped make my sign?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally, some pictures!

We meet Stacy at the airport, and head for fun and adventure.

This might be a lot of pictures. Buckle your seatbelts.
Valentine's Day is Chris' birthday, so Kristy made him a cake and we sprinkled it.
Then we sang Happy Birthday, and ate the cake.
Don't worry, I definitely had my fair share.
Then we wiied. (wii'd?) Here I am, boxing. Nice sweatshirt!!!
Some of the other friends who came, John, Carrie, Mike, Ben. (is that right?)
Beach Time!
AND beach volleyball time. (I actually was on the winning team every game but one... and we played more than 1 game!!!
Yes, we are wearing matching pants. I had to get grey...(gray?)
Our Mary Kay Makeovers. AND ta-da! Those are my fake eyelashes. With silver eyeshadow. What do you think? I should try my sultry face with those bad boys on...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks, Kristy

Kristy (perhaps better known as The Daughter of Chuck H.) let us storm her house for the weekend, and what a storm it was the night I got there! She let us eat her food, play her gaming systems, and embarrass her in front of her friends. So, here are a few reasons I love Kristy, and why you should also get to know the daughter of Chuck H.:

1. She fed me nothing but Dr. Pepper, oreos, doughnuts, birthday cake, and pizza casserole. For three days.
2. She sustained no major volleyball injuries, in spite of doing two splits and many other rarely seen moves.
3. She's perfected the tomahawk. (see #2)
4. She looks so good in sweet nectar (lipstick) and golden olive eye shadow.
5. She let us (aaaaaaa and Hayley) tour with her rock band, the Deployers. You should see us in concert.
6. She hasn't forgotten Pluto, and passes on the love to her students.
7. She really knows how to shop. (Although here, I credit Leaves)
8. She knows the secret to making the moistest cake of all time. (Just ask her)
9. There's a short cut on the route she runs, and she doesn't take it!
10. She ate carrots for lunch my last meal there, and dipped in Ranch, not ketchup! (of course, I had pizza casserole, and birthday cake)

I really do have pictures, but when I tried to put them on the computer nothing happened. I plugged in the battery, I'll try again when it's recharged.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Farewell to Stacy

Well, our time together is coming to an end, we already had to say goodbye to Stacy, 'Captain Crunch', and that was the beginning of the end. Kristy and I tried to pull ourselves together our last few hours together, and took a walk on the beach in honor of Stacy. Here is a list of things we love about Stacy:

1. She's going to Europe.
2. She stood up to Karen.
3. She had five elevens, and got killed in phase ten, but took it all in stride. (mostly.)
4. She is 52 years old, in wii fitness age. (compared to Amy's 80)
5. She spent 100 dollars at the Gap outlet store - and inspired us all to buy the yoga pants.
6. She played beach volleyball like a pro, and had the bruise to prove it.
7. She finished up her Junior Mints in record time.
8. She jammed all her stuff in her little bitty suitcase, no problemo.
9. She looks hot in her pink shimmer lipstick, and sweet plum eyeshadow.
10. She gave me her bacon off her sandwich last night. (Thanks for dinner Nanners!)

We miss and love you Stacy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm here in Florida with my girls, Stacy and Kristy. We played rock band last night, and wii boxing and tennis. You all know I tore it up. (not at all.) It was good times though. We met Kristy's friends, and had a little birthday party for Chris. Complete with cake. Today we went to the airforce base, and I went to Catholic Mass with Kristy, and then off to church for sacrament meeting. Now we're going to take a walk on the beach. Pictures coming!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News Update

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!
There were some big happenings in our home this week.

1. Devin got his diploma in the mail. Congratulations, Dr. Rose! We're so proud of you.
2. I'm officially labeling Sunday as the day Hallie started walking. That's the day we saw a change in her confidence, and she will now occasionally stroll from point A to point B, instead of crawling. At the bank today she was checking out all the displays... walking!
3. Devin and I are hooked on Zelda, for the SNES - thanks Santa! (i.e. Pete and Mindee) We even sometimes figure out what to do next on our own. (And most of the time rely on walkthroughs on the internet...)
4. It's not my fault. That David Archuleta song that they play on the radio is just so catchy. I smile every time I hear it (Fishin' in the Dark, anyone?). It's one of those songs that make you turn up the volume and bob your head. It just makes me happy, thinking about the girl he was thinking about when he wrote it, and if she knows that she's that girl... And then it reminds me of that feeling I get when Hallie is asleep, and Devin and I are sitting on the couch playing Zelda, being totally goofy, and I look over at him, and I know that I've still got a big crush on him. So, I know it's a little late, but David A. - you've got my vote!!
5. I still have a big crush on Devin.
6. Hallie started sleeping again - I'm sleeping again! Hallelujiah!
7. I learned how to put on fake eyelashes at my Mary Kay meeting! It's the most fun. If you ever want to get wild and try some... let me know. I wish I had pictures. Next time I jam them on, you'll get proof.
8. It's freezing here. We've had more days with snow on the ground this winter than not. What's up with that?
9. I still check to make sure Hallie is breathing while she sleeps sometimes. Do moms ever relax?
10. I just really wanted this to end on a ten.