Thursday, February 19, 2009

Airplanes, and Home Again

After Stacy left us, Kristy and I went to an airplane museum, where old Air Force planes are on display, because I thought it looked pretty cool. I am wearing a sweater because I was all packed and ready to go home, suitcase in the car, and it's cold in Illinois. But yes, I did get strange looks from people, as it was sunny and warm.
I guess technically this is a helicopter.

This is an A-10. That's right. THE illusive, infamous, illustrious, etc. A-10! And that's me, next to it. (I'm not at all sure what is so cool about an A-10... but some guys I know go nutsy over them, so there's gotta be something there.)
This plane was just really really big.

But you know, as great as Florida is, and as much as I love the beach, and Kristy and Stacy (and I do love them...) it was really nice to be home.
Can you tell Hallie helped make my sign?

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  1. Awww Hallie and the sign are so cute! :) That was sweet of Devin to help her make it. ;) And I love that you wrote "technically" the helicopter is not actually an airplane. Haha, but only technically.