Wednesday, February 4, 2009

News Update

Extra, Extra! Read all about it!!
There were some big happenings in our home this week.

1. Devin got his diploma in the mail. Congratulations, Dr. Rose! We're so proud of you.
2. I'm officially labeling Sunday as the day Hallie started walking. That's the day we saw a change in her confidence, and she will now occasionally stroll from point A to point B, instead of crawling. At the bank today she was checking out all the displays... walking!
3. Devin and I are hooked on Zelda, for the SNES - thanks Santa! (i.e. Pete and Mindee) We even sometimes figure out what to do next on our own. (And most of the time rely on walkthroughs on the internet...)
4. It's not my fault. That David Archuleta song that they play on the radio is just so catchy. I smile every time I hear it (Fishin' in the Dark, anyone?). It's one of those songs that make you turn up the volume and bob your head. It just makes me happy, thinking about the girl he was thinking about when he wrote it, and if she knows that she's that girl... And then it reminds me of that feeling I get when Hallie is asleep, and Devin and I are sitting on the couch playing Zelda, being totally goofy, and I look over at him, and I know that I've still got a big crush on him. So, I know it's a little late, but David A. - you've got my vote!!
5. I still have a big crush on Devin.
6. Hallie started sleeping again - I'm sleeping again! Hallelujiah!
7. I learned how to put on fake eyelashes at my Mary Kay meeting! It's the most fun. If you ever want to get wild and try some... let me know. I wish I had pictures. Next time I jam them on, you'll get proof.
8. It's freezing here. We've had more days with snow on the ground this winter than not. What's up with that?
9. I still check to make sure Hallie is breathing while she sleeps sometimes. Do moms ever relax?
10. I just really wanted this to end on a ten.


  1. I still check Aidan, too, you're not alone.

    Watch out, now that Hallie is walking, you're in trouble! Aidan's been walking for a couple months now (he's fearless) and gets into EVERYTHING. Of course, he was doing that when he was crawling...

  2. Congrats on all the fun news!

    I can't check on Brennan or he'll wake up -- he's an incredibly light sleeper. (I still worry, though, and end up doing lots of praying for him instead.) :)

  3. "Crush" is a pretty catchy song, but lets be honest about how much better D. Cook is!!! you know where my loyalty lies. :)

  4. It's always good to end on ten, and no, I don't think moms ever stop checking. I can't wait to see you with your fake eyelashes! I got to wear them in Little Shop of Horrors. Um, yeah, I love David Archuletta. Santa (P&M) got me the CD for Christmas, and Jeff and I once listened to it straight for 5 hours. One weekend, I listened to it for a total of 13 hours. It is amazing. Love, love, love it. Um . . . I can't remember the other numbers anymore, but yay for still having crushes on husbands!