Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks, Kristy

Kristy (perhaps better known as The Daughter of Chuck H.) let us storm her house for the weekend, and what a storm it was the night I got there! She let us eat her food, play her gaming systems, and embarrass her in front of her friends. So, here are a few reasons I love Kristy, and why you should also get to know the daughter of Chuck H.:

1. She fed me nothing but Dr. Pepper, oreos, doughnuts, birthday cake, and pizza casserole. For three days.
2. She sustained no major volleyball injuries, in spite of doing two splits and many other rarely seen moves.
3. She's perfected the tomahawk. (see #2)
4. She looks so good in sweet nectar (lipstick) and golden olive eye shadow.
5. She let us (aaaaaaa and Hayley) tour with her rock band, the Deployers. You should see us in concert.
6. She hasn't forgotten Pluto, and passes on the love to her students.
7. She really knows how to shop. (Although here, I credit Leaves)
8. She knows the secret to making the moistest cake of all time. (Just ask her)
9. There's a short cut on the route she runs, and she doesn't take it!
10. She ate carrots for lunch my last meal there, and dipped in Ranch, not ketchup! (of course, I had pizza casserole, and birthday cake)

I really do have pictures, but when I tried to put them on the computer nothing happened. I plugged in the battery, I'll try again when it's recharged.

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  1. This makes me hope that someday I'll have a posse getaway weekend, and a MANA one.