Saturday, December 19, 2009


What a day yesterday was.  First, some background on the house.  The owner has been trying to sell it since June.  When he heard that we had looked at it on Monday (yeah, it was the first house we looked at, and really the only one I ever wanted after that...) he lowered his price pretty significantly, we thought, and his realtor made sure to tell ours that he was a "motivated" seller.  We thought we had all sorts of bargaining power at this point.

We wanted to look at the house one last time (this would be the fourth time we looked at it) before we rode out of town, to have it fresh in our minds as we thought about whether or not we were going to make an offer and how much we were willing to spend, etc.  We had almost decided that we would be making an offer that day, but Devin still wasn't quite sure.  We stop by the house and of course, I love it as much as ever.  Devin says his qualms are starting to go away, and we're feeling good.  The realtor comes over and has some news.  Another family looked at the house on Thursday (this was Friday morning) and they were putting in their offer that afternoon (Friday).  What?  Well, there went our bargaining power and all of a sudden we had to make a better offer than some unknown person.

We went over to the realtor's office and she ran all sorts of numbers for us and left us alone to talk about it.  We had major sticker shock and were about to call the whole thing off, and I was fighting off tears.  We talked and talked until we were blue in the face, we talked to a loan officer, we talked to my mom, we talked to the realtor again, we went over our spending plan, and finally felt that it would be money well spent.

It's hard after so many years of putting back the butter if it's going to make the weekly grocery bill higher than it should be to sign away so much of your money like that...

This morning we found out our offer had been accepted, and assuming all goes well with the inspection (cross your fingers here again), the house will be ours by January 31st.


Someone pinch me.


  1. I won't pinch you, but I will dance a happy dance for you. I'm so excited for you!!

  2. Wow! This house looks A-mazing. just like A-my. I am so happy for you two! (and Halley). This dollhouse looks PERFECT for a little girl's dreamhouse and will be tons of fun. Where exactly are you at again? Is this Illinois? If I'm in town, I'm coming over!