Saturday, December 19, 2009

Come Take a Tour

This is the longest post of all time, but that's because of all the pictures.
So I know I shouldn't let myself get carried away since we still have the inspection to go, but... I feel like we've won half the battle, so I will show you pictures now.

This backyard is one of the  main reasons I wanted this house.  It is on a corner lot, and it is really quite large.  It extends just as far off to the left.  Here you can sort of see the nice swingset we've inherited also, which Hallie will love as it has swings and a slide.

This is the playhouse in the backyard.  It's about nine square feet inside, and has electrical set up and in the spring/summer you can tell it is landscaped.  My girls will be a little spoiled.

This is the first thing you see when you walk in the house, aside from the stairs which you can barely see in the left corner.  It is a formal dining, but we may use it as a formal sitting room.

This is the front door, with the stairs leading up (duh).  The red room you saw before is off to your left.  Devin is probably standing in the doorway to the laundry room to take this picture.

Here is my fabulous laundry room.  I get to pick out my own washer and dryer! Watch out Sears, here I come!!

You get to the kitchen through the dining/sitting room, and I am so excited to have a kitchen with cabinets and counter space!  We have to get a fridge, and someday we'll have all new matching appliances.

Here I am standing in the family room, just off the informal eating area.  That hallway leads to the powder room, and the laundry room (which goes out to the garage).

There are four bedrooms upstairs.  The master, then the yellow one, and then this pink one and a blue one that is exactly the same as the pink one, so we didn't take a picture.  I figure the girls will share until they are in middle school, and then they can decide what they want to do.  That means for the next ten (?) years I'll have at least 2 guest bedrooms!  Come on over!!

We have pictures of the master bedroom, but it's square and boring, so here is the master bath, you can see it has two sinks and a separate toilet/shower area, which I love.  AND it has this, which I love:
Ah, what this back and this belly wouldn't give to be in that tub right now.  Sigh.

Down to the basement.  It is clearly unfinished, but it allows us a lot of potential to do what we want.  I figure we'll put up some walls, epoxy (sp?) the floor, and buy Hallie and Hanna some roller skates.  That'll keep em happy till we have lots of money to make it FAB-ulous.

More unfinished basement, we are told this is set up with the plumbing ready for a bathroom to be put in.  We're thinking kitchenette somewhere too, so we can have long term guests.  Give us ten years, then come on over!!

This is the finished room in the basement, which could be ANOTHER guest room, or an office.  We do have to do something to cover up the fuse box, however.  There is one more room in the basement which has enough lighting I will probably use it as a sewing room.

Devin loves the alcove in the garage for storing bikes, the lawnmower, etc.

Oh yeah, so I get my porch too. And the backyard has a white picket fence. I know it's not a privacy fence, but I always loved the idea of a white picket fence.

And here is the playhouse in the summer time, obviously the owners still lived here then and that is their grill and chair, but can you imagine how great it will look when I plant flowers and put up curtains?  Drooling...


  1. I absolutely adore it, Amy! It is gorgeous and amazing and wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys, and I can't wait to come visit! I didn't realize the playhouse had electric. It just keeps getting cooler and cooler!! :)

  2. Also, I can't wait to go roller skating in your basement. :)

  3. That is going to be a perfect house for you. I sure hope that you have better luck with the inspector than Mimi did. You will be able to use that home for years to come without a doubt. Let me know if you need any help with the down payment.

  4. What a beautiful home!! We just bought one--I know what you are going through!! You will love having all that space, my girls run around like crazy all the time! Craziness, but at least we have the room for them to do it! Good luck with everything!

  5. amy, its beautiful! i can't wait to come visit you :) i am totally jealous of the playhouse in the yard...the girls will have sooo much fun there! :) yay! love you guys xoxox

  6. Your house is sooooo adorable, Amy! I love the fence! And the play house!

    If you don't have one, you probably want to get a real estate attorney to help do your closing (in Chicago we charge $500-$600 to do a closing).

  7. I am very excited to come and see your new home. I am so excited for you. It looks like a wonderful place to grow up. Love, Pappy

  8. Woohoo! I'm hoping the inspection goes well too! What a fun house!!!! And how great to get a basement and a big back yard! I also LOVE the play house in the back. Such fun!
    Ah, the memories of skating in our basement growing up. Good times!
    Good luck! Sure love ya!

  9. I LOVE IT!!! The bathtub is my favorite part, I'm completely jealous of you, and can commiserate about wishing you could use it RIGHT NOW.

    Rollerskating in the basement was my favorite thing to do when I was a kid--it was my own private rink, and you can't beat that!

  10. I'll admit, most of the house I was like, oh, that's nice--but then I saw the outside, and I LOVE it! It is so precious. It looks so much bigger, once you know how big the outside is. I am so glad that you get to buy such a great house! Hope the inspection goes well.

  11. Wow, Amy...GORGEOUS! I love it! I think it's worth it to buy a house you love and can "grow into" when you'll be living somewhere long term. HOW FUN!!

  12. PS Two sinks, an a jacuzzi tub are my dream!

  13. WOW !!! Looks fantastic. But, are you sure you want so much so soon? You guys are young, what will you do next year? Well, don't let my "depression of the 30's & 40's" mentality throw you off course. You've earned it, ENJOY it !!! Love, grandpa H.

  14. I'm really surprised my skin isn't green right now - I'm so jealous lol! Amy, that looks like a DREAM home! SO awesome!

  15. That house is so beautiful!! And that playhouse is gonna be adorable!!!

  16. i love this house!!! i am so excited for you guys (and a little jealous :)) i am going to need us to talk again soon. i neeeeeeed you!

  17. Aww, Amy. I have never been so happy for someone. Al that scrimping and saving (and skipping of Oreos!) got you THIS! Yippee! It is absolutely gorgeous, and I totally love it. Beautiful.

  18. Ames, I just got caught up on your blog. So first, I love that you have a blog so I can still feel like I know what's going on in your life!

    Second, Awesome house. I hope we'll be able to come visit "next time we're in Nebraska". Is it, or could it be, on the way to Utah perhaps?

    I love so many things about it, but mostly I love that you get to put down roots and have a house to call home! I am so happy for you!

  19. Ames, I've been rediculously unconnected over the Christmas break, so this comment is a little late. I am totally excited for your new house! Do you feel all old and established? I want to come over and paint the walls. hmmm, how can I work that out....? Congratulations, looks like a ton of fun.