Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We missed not being with family today, so I am posting the pictures we took of Hallie with her loot so you can see how much fun we had, and maybe that will make me feel like you missed me too...

Ok this is actually Christmas Eve dinner.  We had hamburgers and homemade french fries.  Yummy.  (Devin had a baked potato.)

Just about when Mommy couldn't take it anymore, Hallie got to rip into her presents.  She was so excited about each one however, that it would take us twenty minutes to remind her that she had other presents to open.  It was fun to have her be as excited as she was.

She got her first baby doll, a stroller, car seat, bath tub (with accessories), diaper bag (with accessories), and a little crib.  What a lucky little girl!  Guess what we did ALL DAY LONG.

Devin put together the swing for baby Hanna, and of course Hallie thought it was for her baby doll.  Whom, by the way, we keep trying to get her to name, but whenever we ask her what the babies' name is, she says, "Baby." Ok, got it.

I know, I know. She looks TOO cute in this apron that her Aunt Rachel made.  I couldn't get over it all day.

And now she has something to wear when she helps us cook and bake! (Which, you know in this household we frequently do, and she ALWAYS has to help.)

AND it snowed today!

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  1. She does look so cute in her apron!!! Aunt Rachel made the little bean a scarf, and it looks great, too.

    Oh Ames. I missed you so much today!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. That is so great that she has her baby doll and all the accessories, so you can be mommy and she can play mommy with you! :) She's going to be such a great big sister.

    Hallie calling Hanna "Baby" instead of "Hanna" reminds me of how my friend Michelle had the nickname "Sister" in her family. I assume because she was the second daughter; thus the sister of Ashley. Even when Sarah came along after her, Michelle is still the one that gets called "Sister." :)

    Yummo on the homemade French fries, and I love how long it took Hallie to go from present to present. I wonder if she'll get a sister for her birthday . . . !!!!!! AHHHHH!!!! Less than a month!!!!! :)