Thursday, December 10, 2009

What ELSE we did...

I am feeling extremely frustrated/overwhelmed by the whole house buying process, and we haven't actually looked at any houses yet (aside from online).  I've been on the computer and on the phone for days with mortgage companies, a realtor, bothering Devin and work repeatedly to ask him what he thinks of what I should do, and so I decided to cheer myself up I would put up more pictures from our trip to California.  These are from Devin's parents' camera. (Although I just got a phone call, we've been approved for a loan, so at least we have that when we do start looking...)

Well, you knew we went to a farm,  here is Hallie with her Grandma Rose.

And I realize you know that Devin ran in a 10k, but he just looks really tough, and so here's another picture of that event.

Of course we had a feast.  Devin made a perfect turkey, and we also had his signature stuffing, my "famous" sweet potatoes, and the obvious other assortment of Thanksgiving delights. All of which Devin and I made by hand, except for the gravy.  Ha - this year we did cheat on that, and went McCormick's.  Yummy.

Hallie had a playdate.  She still asks about "Abby".  They are just a few days apart in age, and I think they had a good time together.

We took family pictures.  Don't worry about Hallie, she had that kind of expression in all of the pictures.  The rest of us look like a really nice bunch, though, don't we?

And, as is frequently the case with family pictures, only about two of them turned out well.  Notice we even have someone missing in this one, and Hallie's getting a snack.

We spent a lot of time enjoying the sunshine.  I was fairly convinced that I'd come back with a tan, it was so sunny.

Here we are having some basic quality time together.

AND that about sums up our trip to California.


  1. You are too cute Amy!!! We had our fam. pictures taken and Ben had been sick so he wasn't all that happy in our pictures. lol he wasn't grumpy at least...just some weird expressions! When are you guys moving?!?! I'm so sad! But happy for you guys too :-) good luck with the house hunting!

  2. Who's that hot pregnant woman?

  3. Very cute! Loving that baby bump!!!

  4. Yay! I loved all of those pictures. :) The family picture looks really nice, and the feast sounds very impressive. Hallie is so cute in her sunglasses!! What a hottie. :) And Devin looks way impressive in his running picture.