Sunday, November 15, 2009

Baby Talk

"I think Annibelle is sad." - In unison

"So, it's just us now guys. What should we do?"  - Baby Jill

"Wait, Jill.  Annibelle is coming back." - Baby Emily

"Don't worry, I'll hold onto Jill so she stays on the couch." - Hallie

"Step off. I can take care of myself." - Baby Jill
"Don't worry guys. I've still got her." - Hallie

"I like yogurt.  Yum.  TASS - ee"  - Hallie

**I know, I know -  our camera is struggling.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a good camera for people who just want to take a few pictures now and then?


  1. The camera may be struggling, but those captions are CLASSIC hilarious. :) I'll e-mail you some of the pictures I took. It was so wonderful to see you!!

  2. I read it again, and I'm still laughing. "Step off . . . " hahahaha