Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giving Thanks

We are so proud of Dr. Rose (that's Devin...) who has officially been offered a tenure track faculty position at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (that means he would be a professor).  It is a really good opportunity, he would have two labs, funding for the first two years to pay for his graduate students, and they would help him find the money for grants for his first few years.  Also, apparently, he'd have a large and fancy corner office.

The other job, as some of you know, is in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  There he would be working in industry, for General Mills, researching how to increase the amount of fiber in their cereals without changing the flavor and texture.  General Mills has a goal to have "whole grain" as the first ingredient listed on their ingredient statement, which is a pretty neat goal, and the only cereal company that is working towards that (as of right now.)

So, we feel a little bit stuck between a pillow and a soft place.  Devin's life long dream has been to be a professor and become world famous, and so that is obviously incredibly tempting to him.  The General Mills job is tempting in that it would be fun for him to see the real world application of all the research he has already done.

We feel so grateful that we have the opportunity to be "stuck" like this, between one good option and another.  We count ourselves blessed every day, and are enjoying trying to figure out what's next!  Please vote on our poll, we'll consider the outcome as 5% of our total decision.  Just kidding. But vote, cuz it's fun for me to see what you think.

For more information on our options:


  1. i am confident that you guys will pick General Mills. When i think of fiber, i think of Devin. That sounds weird, but i can just see him being so excited everyday as he is one step closer to figuring out this fiber/whole grain mystery. lol. but i think NE is closer. Still like 11 hours away. At that point, who cares right? I still vote for Dallas though. ;)

  2. Haha. I love how you wrote "between a pillow and a soft place." It is nice to choose between two good things, but that doesn't make it any less harder to decide!! I'm so proud of Dr. Rose, and I know the Lord will use you as instruments in His hands whichever place you decide to go. Minnesota's weather seems more harsh (with the snow), but I've never actually met anyone from Nebraska. I say work for General Mills now, and then in a few years he can come get a job at Xavier, or U of Cincy, or U of Northern Kentucky . . . ;) Surely one of the schools near by has a food science department and will hire eventually! I love you guys, and I'll pray for you!

  3. We have talked about doing that, working in industry for a few years and then looking again when more Universities are hiring... the catch is that this job at the U of N-L is where they are doing EXACTLY what Devin is interested in, it's like the research is custom made for him... so anywhere else he went it wouldn't be as perfect of a fit. Sigh.

  4. Then I vote Nebraska. If it's exactly what he wants to do... not to mention that's closer to Colorado...

  5. What I perhaps forgot to mention is that the job at General Mills is just as tailor made for Devin. We're in a tight spot!

  6. Yippee! Congrats! We are so happy for you guys, even though we will be soooo sad to lose you in Peoria. Good luck with the decision. I know you'll feel good about one. The Lord always helps us with these things.

  7. I'd go Nebraska - since it's further south I'm assuming the winters would be less harsh, right?