Monday, November 9, 2009

Hallie Helps Out

We have a really great landlord (seeing it written out like that makes the term seem kind of... outdated to say the least, doesn't it?) named Frank.  He's retired and he and his wife just take care of these properties to keep themselves busy and out of trouble.  I think he owns 5 duplexes on our street, and they're all really cute. Well, that's why I live in one of them.  He's a grandfather, and every time he comes over to do whatever I need him to do, we always talk about social issues, economic issues, political issues, religious issues, etc., and it's neat to have his insight and to hear his thoughts.  Oh, and Hallie absolutely adores him.  We saw him and his wife at the library one night, and while his wife was talking to Devin and I, Frank let Hallie pull him all over the library so she could show him things.  (When she gets excited, she just likes to find random things and point at them like she knows what they are... it's pretty cute.)  Now, every time we go to the library, she points to the table where we found them sitting and says, "Frank?" and gets really sad when he's not there.

The other day he came over to fix our washing machine, and he let Hallie "help" him for the entire time he was there, and when he came back a few days later with a part he'd needed to buy he let her "help" him again for the next few hours he was there!  Do you know what that meant for me?  Hours and hours where she was entertained and didn't even wonder where I was so I could work on sewing projects, sharpen our knives, lay around, AND it wasn't even naptime so I got that bonus free time too!

Although it does beg the question, how does Frank manage to fix a washing machine with Hallie's "help" and I can't even get, say, the laundry folded some days?  Maybe I'll ask Frank's thoughts on that next time he comes over.  How do you suppose I could sabotage the fridge?


  1. I'd be sabotaging everything.
    'Hallie Helps Out' sounds like the title of some simple children's book.

  2. Haha. No kidding. I wonder how he did manage to do that. I can only assume that Hallie is better behaved for everyone except for her parents. I've known a few children who are like that. But yay for getting to sharpen the knives without having to worry about Hallie!! :)

  3. i dont think frank would love it so much if you started sabotaging everything. :) I am sure Hallie just needs a new face to keep her occupied every now and then.