Saturday, July 16, 2011

Let it Go

I have a tendency to have pretty high standards for what I will let the girls out of the house wearing.  I never knew myself for a control freak, but I see now that I kind of am.  I'm talking their clothes have to be matching, down to the socks, their hair has to be combed, and preferably Hallie's will be in a braid.

But you know what?  Maybe this is a lesson you all learned long ago.  Sometimes, (prepare yourself) there are things in life that I can't control. I'm just guessing that its the same way for you.  And in those times, I've decided, its best to let it go.  Let it GO man.

Just in case you need to learn this lesson, too.

Another life lesson learned on this occasion: The Culver's butterburger is INDEED delicious.  Indeed.


  1. haha. i love that you posted this pic. i laugh every time i see it! classic!

  2. So what exactly is a little person doing to create this kind of look. Does one wake up from a nap and have this kind of style?

  3. to Al: The most awesome part is that she actually looked more disgusting in real life. This picture doesn't even do it total justice.

    to Dad: this is after like eighteen hours in the car. We picked up Al at the airport and took her to Culver's, before taking her back to the airport.

  4. Eighteen?!

    I love this picture!

    And I'm the same way. I could be wearing jeans with holes and a stinky shirt with chipped toe nail polish and unbrushed hair, but dang it, Daniel and Jill are going to look super cute if it's the last thing I do!!

  5. Ha ha ha. Lucky for me, I do not suffer from this expectation. I think it's prolly because I wouldn't get to ever go out if I did. I secretly look forward to the day that my kid dresses themself in crazy weirdness and we head out the door with confidence. It's the ultimate kind of confidence I think, completely free from the worry of what others think, and I relish in it. Embrace it, Ames, embrace it.

    I would also like to mention that though I appreciate being decent and clean, I am often out and about with spit-up on my shoulder, no make-up, and some sort of food item or booger stuck to my shorts. I'll admit that I don't think much about it anymore.

  6. Some day, sooner that you realize, it will be Hallie and Hanna that will refuse to leave the house unless they are dressed to the "t." And you will have come to the realization that it really doesn't matter in the end......

  7. Something happened to me a little while ago when we were leaving and one of my teenagers said to me, "Are you wearing that, Mom?" It made me laugh.