Monday, January 31, 2011

Melancholy Monday Morning

There is plenty of blame to go around for my Melancholy Monday Morning.

It started off great.  I turned the radio on while I was cleaning up after breakfast, and Hallie started doing some awesome syrup dancing.  How could I resist joining in? That's why for two minutes this morning I felt exactly like I remember feeling as a seven year old, when I really thought that I  knew ballet.  Cue longing for my own childhood.

Let's blame it on Hallie.

Then the radio started playing Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway.  One of the theme songs of my summer in Maine.  Cue reminiscing.  Cue longing for summer vacation, summer jobs, summer romance, summer everything.

Let's blame the radio.

The song also made me miss friends and family.  I have friends here, yes.  Awesome people who are kind and lovely.  But sometimes I long for the people who knew me pre-wife and mother. The ones who know outrageous, wacky, totally clueless and blonde me.  Not responsible, stiff, boring me.  (Ok, you're right.  I am stiff and boring now, but I haven't totally mastered responsibility yet.  I'm working on it.)

Let's blame it on Nebraska being in the middle of nowhere.

Then I heard on the radio that we are in a winter storm weather watch until Wednesday.  I looked out my window at the half melted snow and listened as they talked about the six inches we were going to get.  Cue seasonal depression.

Let's blame it on February.

And last but not least it's, well, let's just say it's not the best time of the month for me.

Let's blame it on hormones.

How's your Monday shaking out so far?

for your viewing pleasure, some syrup dancing:

(although this is not her best performance)

Nicole and I performing Breakaway, summer of Maine 2005. 
(and why don't I have hair like that anymore?)


  1. I am not excited for the weather watch. blah, nebraska snow!

    On the other hand, I loved your music video. Akoy and Lydia enjoyed dancing to it as well! (I'm babysitting her today)

  2. Everytime I see that video it makes me laugh and then get really homesick for fun times with dear friends... So sad that I missed the last girls night. Perhaps we can do anotherone next week.

  3. Oh wow Amy... who knew you had this dancing and singing ability? Fantastic! And you did the entire song... now that is real talent!! Loved it!

  4. What a summer that was . . .

    Loved the videos. Beautiful syrup and marker dancing! :)

    Boo for bad Mondays. Makin' me think of the Carpenters. :) Sorry about the weather!!

  5. haha Loved the song and the dancing! Sometimes I feel the same way that people could know the Michelle before marriage and kids...the one who always could be found doing silly stuff like that. And blah to Nebraska winters...they're rough! Thanks for your help last night! It was so fun to have you there!