Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The best part about having a three year old in the house who believes she is a princess?
That totally makes me Queen.  Bwa ha ha ha ha.

Note: As the Queen it's not my responsibility to wipe the ketchup off her face, is it?  I wouldn't mention it, though, if I were you, either way, because of you know, like, "OFF with his head" type reactions and all from the royalty, see.
Princess - in - training.


  1. Oh, Most Royal Highness, the Queen;
    Your Princess and Princess-in-training are the fairest in all the land!
    Love, The Queen's Most Humble Royal Mother

  2. Gorgeous. And you are an awesome queen.

    That makes Momma the dowager queen or something, right?

    I'm going to claim being a duchess. ;)

  3. Princess in training got your crazy eyes!!! LOL HAHAHAHAHA! I love it! (Your Highness). <3

  4. Train those Princesses well, they'll be Queens in a few years. Love, grandpa H

  5. Your fair princesses are most bootiful!!!

  6. I have a couple of jesters over here that your highness and her little princess might enjoy...

    ...What does that make me though?

  7. My mom sent me a card for my birthday stating it was from Aurora (if that makes sense). It said on the outside "If I'm the princess, that makes you queen." And on the inside it said "It's a win-win situation." :) Love your darling princesses!

  8. I sure love that princess and princess-in-training! So glad they have a king and queen to raise them up!
    The Royal Mother-In-Law (yikes! who wants a royal mother-in-law?)