Friday, January 7, 2011

Daniel Wells

Phew, it's about time we got some testosterone in this family.  I just pray that Hallie, Annibelle, Emily, Jill, Hanna, Callie and to-be-named Baby Girl Boling will be kind to him.

But who knows, just because he's the first doesn't mean he'll be the last.

We are so excited to have you little boy Daniel, and I love you very very much.


  1. Such a funny (and sad) picture. Poor Daniel HATES being cold. Whenever he is unwrapped, he starts to cry. Or maybe he just really likes being swaddled. I don't know.

    Welcome to the world my baby!

    I told someone yesterday that with all of the girl cousins he'll have to play with, he may get his fingernails painted once or twice, but it will make a stronger man out of him for sure! ;)

  2. Meemz, I personally have a need to put a dress and fake earrings on him. It's a compulsive problem... really. There are so few grandsons in my family too and I just can't help myself! lol
    Amy, if I ever allow myself to get into a situation where I could become pregnant, and I do become pregnant, i think it will be a boy. I'm pretty sure I have a little son just waiting to come to me... Hopefully he's patient, because I have no plans on going through the misery of pregnancy/delivery for a couple years at least. (I've finally picked out his name though, so I do want to have him).