Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turns Out

Some people, so I hear, can't walk and chew gum at the same time.

Some people, it is rumored, can't pat their head and rub their tummy at the same time.

I had always been afraid that I couldn't possibly ski and stay alive at the same time.  Which is why I found myself, on Christmas Day, standing on top of Christmas Mountain Village, crying like a baby.  Crying because I knew that the only good way to get down from the mountain was by skiing, which way I knew meant certain death.  Crying because I had not properly said goodbye to Devin, or my babies, or my mother, or my sister, or my grandmother, or my grandfather, and it was Christmas after all, and I was just too young to die.

Turns out, I was wrong. Turns out, I can ski and stay alive at the same time.

Turns out I didn't rip my knee caps off my body either, which fear might also have contributed to the tears.

My sister was so disappointed when I came back from skiing hours later that day.  Not disappointed that I was still alive, but that I had no "stories."  She said, "You don't have any skiing stories unless you ran into people, or a tree, or a car.  Like I did."
I may not have stories, but I am so happy to be alive.  And, it turns out, I love skiing.

Hallie loved skiing with her daddy.
Practicing my moves on the learner slope.
The fans.
Turns out I needed a bit of help from time to time.


  1. Loved being an adoring fan! Yea Amy, Ski, Ski, Live, Go Amy Go (it was so cold you must have cried ice sickles.)

  2. Haha. I sound so harsh. You can have skiing stories!! :) Crying is a good story. Yeah. Haha. I am really, really happy that you enjoyed skiing! And that you lived. I'm not ready to say goodbye.

  3. That's awesome!! I made the mistake of going skiing..just my big brother and me for the first time. He worked at a Ski Slope in my hometown. He decided I didn't need the bunny hills and took me down a "medium" slope the very first time. The "medium" slope that was right behind the lodge. So when you went down it and fell on your butt and got wiped out by the lady falling behind you, everyone taking their hot chocolate break in the lodge could enjoy your attempts at skiing.....Fun times. I'm glad to hear yours was more successful. I did eventually master that hill...

  4. Who knew that Devin was such a skier! Yea!!!!

  5. ugh. im so jealous. jealous that you can ski and i cant. i didnt cry up at the top but i was terrified knowing the only way down was to ski. turns out for me there was a second option. down with the first aid medic strapped to a stretcher. good thing you found the alternative. i wish i wasnt so scared!!

  6. Ames, I am TERRIFIED of skiing!!!! Those things don't have breaks! I've been twice and the second time I was a bigger wimp than the first time around. I would honestly be content to stay on the bunny slope and have the rope-thing pull me back to the top of the tiny mound so I could go down it again and again all day! =) You're braver than I am.