Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Did you know that a large chunk of my childhood smells like flowers, and fruit, and the smell of an overcrowded bus on a sweltering hot, humid day?

It looks like beaches and fireworks, gumbas, coatis, and sloths, bidets and cockroaches.

It feels like rain and heat, soccer and dancing, smiling and singing.

It tastes like feijoada, brigadeiros, and guarana.

It is huge chocolate eggs for Easter, sweating on the beach for Christmas, lighting candles in the sand for New Year's, presents on Children's Day, a week off of school for Carnaval, it is giving figas to friends, it is the ciaza, and dust, buildings made of concrete and stone, it is awkwardness and growth.

Sometimes, I want a taste of that again. Wouldn't you?  So last night for dinner I made feijoada.  With orange slices on the side.
Because my childhood was one part Freddy Flinstone glasses from Pizza Hut, and one part feijoada with orange slices.

Hanna is tasting a chocolate covered pretzel, and Hallie is tasting an orange slice.  Yummy childhood.

What did yours taste like?


  1. I'd say you pretty much nailed it! Now I know why Mom was saying those things on the phone. :) I'll never forget those animals at Igacu who climbed all over me, trying to get my cookies!

  2. So I am more than a little jealous of a) your memory b) that fejoida and c) who can make farofa.

    I just used Google translate; they have added "listen" how cool is that. I learned farofa means crumbs :)

  3. I love those Ikea plates! They make childhood the best!!

  4. I have some of the same memories! Except for Carnaval and the week off school! Oh, and our feijoada is called rice and beans! :)
    How nice that you had the blessing to live in Brasil! I must say though, I do not miss the bus with sweaty arm pits all around! :)

  5. AHHH! How fun! You'll have to send me the recipe :D It was the very first Brazilian dish I ever had... lol Jacob was working with some Brazilians for a culture day at the library... that was a lot of fun! :D How fun for you to make that :D