Thursday, November 22, 2012

Innovative Chef, Strikes Again!

ThanksGIVEaway here!

Devin and I are fairly confident in our Thanksgiving meal, we know our dishes, we each have our roles, and it is a really low key, low stress, delicious day for us.  In fact, last night Devin was lamenting that he always felt leading up to Thanksgiving like it was going to be this wild hustle and bustle in the kitchen, and then he was always let down because there was never enough to actually do.  (Please keep in mind, we make every single dish from scratch.  So basically, he's crazy when he thinks there isn't enough to do.  I think there's plenty!)

Long time readers of my blog (all three of you, hi!) might remember a post I did about the "Innovative Chef".  Well, this morning he rose again in triumph and glory.

It was like this, see.  We got out the roasting pan (one of his students gave him a few years ago, they are always giving us presents...)  and I put the vegetables in the bottom while Devin fought with the large bird in the sink.  I got the lemon juice, vegetable oil, and lemon pepper ready.  Devin wrestled the bird into the roasting pan and we prepared the bottom.  So far, smelling really good.  He flipped the bird and we prepared the other side.  All done, so pretty!

I put the lid to the roasting pan on.  Or, I tried to anyway.  There was a good full inch between the bottom of the roasting pan and the lid.  The bird was too big.  TOO BIG.  In mock horror I said to the girls, "Oh no, the bird does not fit in the roasting pan, whatever will we do?!"

And Devin said, "I guess we'll have to improvise." a light gleaming in his eyes.

He ran to get some shoes, put them on and then ran into the backyard.  He was back moments later with an old tomato cage in his hands and a triumphant look on his face.  He clomped down to the basement where I heard all sorts of wild banging and crashing.

He reemerged from the basement, put together some sort of wire contraption on the bird, and nodded his head, satisfied.

The bird was only six minutes late for her beauty treatment on the bottom rack of the oven.

I almost think Devin wished it had taken longer for him to figure something out.

You want pictures?  Right now I have to go get ready for the  5th Annual Rose Family and Friends Turkey Run. (I miss you, Sandy!)  But I will take some when it comes out, deal?

if you're curious, also on our menu:
sweet potatoes
mashed potatoes
stuffing (from homemade bread)
shoofly pie
pumpkin pie
jello fruit salad
green beans
cranberry sauce (ah, we do not make this ourselves.  maybe someday?)



  1. Sounds yummy and I can't wait to see pictures! Happy Thanksgiving Rose family!

  2. What is shoofly pie?
    And yes, you should make your own cranberry sauce - tastes so much better and super easy. You can do it a few days before.
    Have fun at your Turkey Run. I almost thought about coming and walking but the stroller's tires are flat and I ...well, I am lazy.

    1. Shoofly pie is only the best thing I've ever eaten. Devin's student from Pennsylvania brought it a few years ago when she came, and I've been in love ever since. Apparently it is a really traditional pie for the Pennslyvania Dutch community. It looks like a chocolate pudding pie, but it is molasses. So I guess if you don't like molasses this pie is not for you. But for me, yes. This pie is for me. I'll bring some over if we have any left.

  3. One of the choirs I was in sang a song called "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy." None of us knew what either of those dishes were, so we had a party and a bunch of people made them. It was fun. "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy make your eyes light up and your tummy say howdy. Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy—I can't get enough of that wonderful stuff." Etc. Great song. Ha. :) Betcha didn't know there was a song about your favorite pie!

    I am excited to see pictures of Devin's contraption.

    As I was eating Thanksgiving dinner today, I actually wondered out loud how many cranberries it would take to make jellied cranberry. I love that stuff. Danny, Jill, and I were the only ones at the Colletts who eat it though. They never served it until I joined the family.

    And I am very pleased with the apple pie I made today. It was SO good.

  4. I was wondering who was going to do the thanksgiving run with you guys. Did anyone else come? It looked like it would be nice weather. It would have been more like a thanksgiving walk for me this year though. Did Devin's students come over this year? Miss you guys tons and I wish I could have seen the turkey cage:)