Thursday, November 1, 2012

15 Years

This was an extra special Halloween for me, as it was the 15 year anniversary of my friendship with my girl Al. 

That may not sound like something very exciting to some of you, I don't know.

But outside of my family, that is the absolute longest time I have ever known someone, and stayed close to.  And this year marked the year that we have been friends for more than half the time I've been alive.

She came to visit to celebrate, and we went wild and crazy.  We had an entire list of things we thought we should do to commemorate this special time. I don't know how many of the things on our list got crossed off, but we did go to a pumpkin patch, buy apples from the orchard, go to the trunk or treat, go to a Muslim celebration, go to a Halloween party, go to church, talk about the good old days, talk about what is new and current, soaked our feet, made bows, carved pumpkins,

and then we baked an apple pie.
 how much do you love homemade pie crust?  I'm going to have to go with A LOT.

 how much do you love Al P.? I'm gonna have to go with A LOT.

In case you were wondering, yes it was so good.  Also, when we gave Hanna the last slice, and then we turned around, and then we looked back at her, and she was shaking the salt and pepper shakers on it. Devin lunged across the kitchen in slow motion, "nooooooooooo!" and then she tried to eat a bite of it anyway.  And then the whole thing went in the trash, the salty peppery mess.

That was a really sad end to that pie.  A note for all of you: Do Not Put Salt And Pepper on Your Pie.


  1. So did you actually meet Al on Halloween? I'm so glad you met her! :)

    That is a terribly sad end to a delicious looking apple pie.

    Jill has done that at dinner a few times when we aren't paying attention. Very frustrating.

    1. we did meet on Halloween! fancy that!

    2. Well, I think we had seen each other around, and knew of each other. But Halloween was the first time we were in each other's company socially, I believe.

  2. I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

  3. I want so much more of that pic. The pics look so good! and it tasted even better. Good thing I got that one last piece in before it was "spiced" by Hanna. lol love that little girl!

    1. and when i say "i want so much more of that pic". I mean "pie" of course. haha

    2. I know, can you believe she did that to such a beautiful pie? And today after lunch she was eating the last chocolate chip cookie. Hallie was having milk with hers, and dipping her cookie in it, right? I asked Hanna if she wanted some milk too, but she said no she just wanted her juice. Whatevs. But then she thought it would be a good idea to dip her cookie in the juice. Yeah, we had to throw that away too. I've GOT to stop giving her the last of the treats!