Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Come On, Let's Go

We are all struggling with something.  Each of us has battled something, at some time, in life.  Do not give up.

I started crying when he said, "You feel like giving up and then all of a sudden you have someone standing there saying, "Come on. Let's go..."

Which part made you cry?


  1. They're not here to look like they're helping, they are actually helping.

  2. 1 - when the woman in the green shirt was crying
    2 - "You don't even need to wear the yellow vests for them to know who you are. THey know who you are right off the bat. That's a beautiful testimony for what you're doing here."

  3. I loved this video. It is great they can get out there and do something good for those in need. It certainly helps them, but i know it was a huge blessing to those kids as well. And to see so much loss. Gives you a new perspective on what is really important, ya know?

    Oh and i totally cried through...all of it. haha

  4. All of the images of the destruction just brings it so close to home. Like that's an American town—not some far flung island village whose life I have no real comprehension of. That could easily be my house. My basement. All of my belongings now ruined and thrown into a trash pile on the street.

    I have felt recently a lot like that girl who was describing having her bridal shower and getting all these gifts that she didn't even need. I have so much when others have so little. I've been going through a lot of my tubs and trying to decide what I can rationalize keeping and what I really need to give away. Is it really justified for me to save money and keep a tub full of blankets that I won't need until another five years when my kids are bigger and my house is full when during those five years there are cold people who could have been warmed by my blankets? Is it justified for me to own five coats, so my exterior coat can match my interior outfit while there are women and girls trying to survive the winter with no coat? It's an interesting internal discussion to have.

  5. Oh, and I thought the part was beautiful about how the Mormon Helping Hands, Catholic Charities, Islamic Charities, and local neighbors were all working together.

  6. Okay, I promise I will leave your blog alone now. :)


  7. Thanks for sharing; I didn't cry but I felt so grateful to feel an extended connection to what was being accomplished in helping lift spirits and trash.