Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We Take Walks

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It is practically criminal to have a sunny day in the middle of November, warm enough to go outside in just a t-shirt, and then NOT go outside. Am I right? 

First we had to get everyone dressed. this included all of the real living human beings, and the baby dolls as well, of course.  Hallie was too hot in what she was wearing (one long sleeve t-shirt, and three short sleeve t-shirts - she got herself dressed this morning), and I had to take my top layer off as we walked as well.

Next we had to get all of the strollers ready.  Snacks, purses, sunglasses, and Hallie had to draw a map.

That's her newest thing, drawing maps for us so we don't get lost when we go on walks or bike rides around the block.  Every so often she'll pull it out and slowly unfold it and look at it for a moment. 

Then she'll boldly declare, "The map says when we see a turn, we should turn." 

"The map says do not go in the road."

"The map says if it is straight we go straight, if it turns we should turn."

I would just love to know what my neighbors think of our procession.

 My crew at takeoff.

 Don't worry, that creepy looking shadow? That's just me.

 Hallie stops the parade to tell us where we will be going next.

 And on we go.

But seriously, do you think my neighbors are laughing at us behind their curtains?  

I do a lot of good things on these walks.  I've returned lost cats, and money I found blowing around someone's yard, and I've made friends, and we've waved to dogs, and... given my neighbors a hearty chuckle.  They say laughing is good for you.

I know what's good for me is getting out and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts!


  1. Aaah, one of those looks like it's in front of my old house!! I MISS LINCOLN!!!

  2. If I saw that procession I would think, "There is a great, patient mother." What a fun time you had. Hallie's outfit is awesome by the way.

  3. This post is awesome. So is Hallie's blue stroller a real baby stroller or a doll stroller? I couldn't decide. And I love Hallie's outfit. Jill has been talking about maps a lot recently, too. I love the directions that Hallie gets from hers. I wish I had sidewalks. We've had some beautiful weather days recently, too. Danny and Jill have been playing in our huge leaf piles that will go into bags . . . some day! :)

  4. If I were your neighbor I'd come out and join the parade. :) I was thinking the same thing as Mimi about the blue stroller... looks awesomely fun! We went outside today too... I love winter in TX. I'm glad you took advantage of your beautiful day!