Monday, November 5, 2012

Writing Challenges

So they posted the official winner of the Three Minute Fiction contest for NPR's All Things Considered yesterday. If you'd like to read that, you can find it here.  If you want to read my personal favorites from the "favorites" posted throughout the competition, you can find them here and here and here.

And, here was my contribution.  If you've read the entries that I linked to above you'll see that mine was quite, quite different.  I was pleased with it nonetheless.  I'd love to hear your feedback, if you loved it, hated it, whatever you thought about it, let me know!

"I scurry out of my dark sanctuary as quickly as I can. My leg is finally starting to heal enough that I am confident I can get what I need and return to the darkness before anyone finds me.

I have to hurry to get the crumbs before the vacuums come. My leg still makes it hard for me to move as quickly as I once did. It feels strange to be out in the open again, but I do not let myself be slowed down by that either. I see the forgotten crumbs spread out across the carpet before me and choose the most efficient route to collect them all. I run past the three large south facing windows until I am by his oak desk. That is where the best crumbs always are. I stuff my cheeks as I go, holding nuts and dried fruit in my arms when my mouth is full. I scan the room over one last time to see if I have missed any, then race back to my dark place where I am safe.

Only when I am back in the quiet, soothing darkness can I enjoy the bits of food that have fallen like manna from heaven. I put my little paws together and take a moment to appreciate what I have been given. I reflect back on the hard times. Once, his wife made him go on a diet. The crumbs were especially lean during that time. I pause in my chewing, remembering how miserable those cold days had been, when my stomach was hard with hunger. I shudder as I think of it. My mind almost wanders to the other bad time, but just before that image of cheese nestled daintily on the metal spring comes into my mind I begin humming softly and turn my attention fully back to my food. I try not to notice that I am rubbing my bad leg.

My snack is almost gone when I hear the door to his room opening again. I stiffen, and look out to see if it is the cleaning people. They make so much noise I can never get my after lunch nap until they are finished and gone. When I see it is not them with their vacuums, I turn away and head toward my soft rags in the back to have a little rest.

I am drifting off to sleep, the steady drone of their voices is a lullaby in my ears.  “...Yes, Mr. President...economy...  No, Mr. President...employment...  ...more trail mix, sir... right away. ...discuss reelection.”

I smile. My whiskers twitch. I rub my tummy, anticipating the feast I will have when I wake from my nap. I feel my body get heavy as my subconscious succumbs to the darkness of slumber. I don’t know what reelection means, but I do know sunflower seeds and dried fruit."

Ah, so that was really, really fun.  And I have now joined up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I am getting excited for that now as well!  Here we go!!


  1. How interesting. Thanks for sharing your favorites as well.

    And that's cool that you've signed up for that other writing thing. Write on, Ames, write on! :)

  2. Ha, thanks Meems! It is so much fun.

  3. totally different spin! I like it! One reason I was daunted by the task is that the presidential theme just didn't resonate with me...but you totally worked it! I liked the links you posted as well--very creative!

  4. Thanks, Alisha! It really was fun, and I definitely did not want to try and write a political story... and I think I succeeded in keeping it from being political. I'll let you know when the next round comes up, maybe you'll be more interested in that round's prompt.