Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Turns out I sort of thought maybe children's hair cuts didn't cost that much money.  And maybe I have a skewed sense of "what doesn't cost that much money".  I called all over town and was stunned by the prices they were charging.

Also, I have never once in my life walked in to get a haircut without my mother with me.  True story.

What that means is I had no idea what to do about a tip.  How does it work?

I kept putting it off and putting it off because I just didn't want to deal with any of it, but the little snips on the side of her head were really starting to bother me, so I got them all bundled up this morning.

Which, by the way, is the most frustrating part of late fall. I got them way overbundled because yesterday it was windy and snowing and literally freezing outside, and today it was balmy and almost nice. 

Picture me, then, wearing way too many clothes, bulky and overheated and uncomfortable, sweating  because I don't know how to tip, sweating when I realize I left my wallet in the house and I have no cash, and panicking because I forgot to look up the address of the place and all I know is the street name.

Yeah, I put the car in reverse and backed out anyway.  Life is short, peeps.  You figure it out, right?

My plan: I would go to the bank and just ask for cash. 
Then I would drive up and down the road until I saw it.
Then I would wing it on the tip.  Just go with the moment, you know?

The bank was a success, and as I was pulling out I remembered that the WalMart has a little hair cutting place, and the Walmart is right next to my bank.  New plan.

And bonus, the Walmart price (this will shock no one, I think) was the cheapest anywhere.

Done, and done.

Also, I tipped two dollars.  Just right?  Excessive?  Offensive? Why am I so socially inept?

Hanna got her hair cut as well.  The cuts were 9.95 each.  I think they made Hallie's hair look pretty good, considering.  And I got to keep most of the length.


  1. they look great!! nicely done.

    I tip the normal 15-ish% but if you were to ask my old roommate about how much you should tip (since she is hair dresser)...well nevermind. dont ask her. I would never tip what she thinks is acceptable, so its whatever.

    ps. our hair looks the same today. side braid. awesome! :)

  2. They look great! I usually tip 20%, btw. It's just feels easier to figure out. But what I'm not sure about is if "normal" tip amount changes depending on what part of the country you're in. So, do you tip more in higher cost of living areas than lower ones? I'm never sure, so I just go with my 20% no matter what.

  3. I usually tip $5 when it is just me. When I take my kids, it depends on how squirmy/loud they were and how good at entertaining them the hair stylist was. For a long time, I didn't tip when I got my hair cut or nails done, because I didn't know you were supposed to. Then I went with Gigi once, and she tipped, and I felt awful about all of the people I hadn't tipped previously. So you at least are not as socially inept as someone who doesn't even know they are supposed to tip.

    So Hallie's hair is still pretty long. I'm glad you were able to keep so much of the length you love. Is it just layered in front now? And Hanna's hair looks very nice. So even!

    And I that is definitely an inconvenient about fall. And you also get extremes during the day—morning to afternoon to evening can have huge variances in temperature that you may not be appropriately dressed for.

    And this line was pretty awesome: "Life is short, peeps. You figure it out, right?"

  4. I agree with Mimi- that line about life being short was my fav! :) I'm glad you found great affordable haircuts! I think you all look great!!

  5. As a totally random side note, it throws me off everytime I look at this picture and the room is backwards. Then I think you moved the desk back the wall it had been at forever. Then I think, no, there is the couch...

    Anyways, it's a reverse pic of what I see when we were skyping the other day. Weird.

  6. I tip 20% in restaurants but for some reason I always tip one dollar for a haircut, not sure why I do that. My haircuts are usually around $12 plus the dollar, so it's not even 10%.

  7. My tips depend on both whether or not I am paying cash or using a card as well as how much I like the cut and how good of a conversationalist the barber or stylist was. Haircuts for men cost 12 to 20 dollars depending on where you go and I normally tip 2 to 5 dollars for a decent to good cut... Though I never ask for change from a barber (they often do not have a register and just give you change from a box or their pocket) and thus their tip depends greatly on what bills I have on me.