Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Innovative Chef

I think they should have a cooking show on the Food Network, or some channel, called "The Innovative Chef". It should star Devin Rose. The premise of this show would be that in each episode, Chef Rose would be making or baking some delicious mouth-watering treat. He would do so with some vital element missing, and be innovative enough to make it work without going to the store. This would be a great show. It is so fun to watch Chef Rose in action, and his personal philosophy truly is that one should never run to the store to get that important thing, but should try to figure out a way to make it happen anyway. An example. On Thanksgiving, if one is preparing a traditional meal, the turkey is the key. To cook a turkey in the oven, a roasting pan is usually used. Ah, but what if you forget to buy a roasting pan? Whoops. No big problem for the Innovative Chef. I'm not even sure all of the items he used to make it work, but I know it involved a casserole dish, the rack from the toaster oven, a hanger, and lots of tinfoil. I'll let you examine his work for yourselves.
The turkey was fabulous, by the way.


  1. I'm way impressed... our roasting pan was just barely big enough to fit the 22 lb Turkey that we made. If we end up with a big turkey next year I'll keep the home made roasting pan in mind.

  2. I would totally watch that show. I kind of have a personal link to that show, because I often try to call Devin whenever I am missing a vital ingredient. Jeff had to run to the store today, because I needed 5 eggs and had zero. :( I suppose if I were at home, I could have used the powdered eggs Mom has in food storage. I wonder if Devin knows what else could have worked. I was making muffins. Lots of muffins.

    By the way, it was way fun having Kenny over for dinner. I want to invite him over again. :) He was way nice.

    We did our 5 1/2 pound chicken breast in a ceramic dish of some sort. I think a casserole pan. It worked. Did it only work, because ours was so small?