Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We thought we'd try the Santa thing again at the Ward Christmas Party. Why not, right? All of the other little kids loved him, even the ones Hallie's age and younger. And Hallie's never been shy. The first Santa episode was a fluke. She was tired. I think the look here is "How dare you put me on this man's lap again." I'm pretty sure this is my nomination for worst mom ever.
I would say that she's young, and she'll get over it, but the following day we left her with babysitters for the first time ever while we were at the Nauvoo Temple, and it's been ugly ever since. She won't let anyone hold her but me, or Devin... and I have to be holding her at all times. That wouldn't be so bad, I know lots of moms who survived it (mine... thanks mom. you're the best) EXCEPT that I had gotten really spoiled by having an independent, carefree baby. Santa took that baby from me, and left me with myself at that age. Hmm, my mom's Christmas wish fulfilled?


  1. That picture is awesome. I'm really sorry for you, but it's still hilarious. At least you know she should get over the clinginess at some point. I mean, you did, right? :)

  2. My nephew is nearing three and still terrified of Santa... Really we should all be a scared of him. He breaks into houses once a year and steals cookies and milk (for me at least that is the most terrifying thief there could be.)

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahaha I am laughing hysterically at you! You have a baby as clingy as you were! Lol. And to respond to one of your friends, Ames is still pretty clingy. ;)