Monday, September 6, 2010

You're Invited

Call everyone to gather.  Welcome to Family Home Evening.

Opening Song: Choose the Right

Opening Prayer: Hallie, "Heavenly Father, thank the Christ, Amen. Please bless Family Night. Please bless Hanna and Daddy"  (we're still working on saying prayers properly.)

The Lesson:
Devin, "She said bless Hanna and Daddy in her prayer, but not mommy."
Amy, "Don't you worry about me.  Ok Hallie, today we are going to talk about how much Jesus loves you.  There are lots of people who love you very much, like Mommy, (Hallie gets up and runs out of the room. Hanna drools. Hallie runs back in) and Daddy, and sister, and Gramby, and Pappy, and Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Mimi and Uncle Kenny and lots and lots of people love Hallie (Hallie runs out of the room. Hanna squawks. Hallie runs back in) so much. But Hallie, do you know (Hallie runs out of the room. Hanna wiggles on Daddy's lap. Hallie runs back in) who loves you the most?"
Hallie, "Big Grandpa."
(pause) Amy, "Well, Big Grandpa does love you very much, but Jesus loves you more than anyone."
Hallie, "OOooh."
Amy, "I know that Jesus loves me, and he loves Daddy, and he loves sister Hanna, and I know that he loves you too, Hallie."
Hallie, "ok Mommy."

Closing Song: I feel my Savior's Love
Closing Prayer: Hallie, "Heavenly Father, thank the Christ, Amen."
Amy, "Ok Hallie, say Dear Heavenly Father. We thank thee for our family. We thank thee for Mommy. Please bless our home. Amen." (Hallie repeats Mommy's prayer.)

And that's how we do it around here.


  1. Who can compete with Big Grandpa? He's amazing.

    Love little grandpa.

  2. I'm glad you "got yours." :) And I love her prayers!

    I think it's funny that Hallie loves family night so much but she won't stay seated. Oh, those little tikes!

  3. I need to run out of the room a few times during HFN too. (That's Hammy Foam Neving, and that's how we do it around here.

  4. such a cute video. and Hals loves her mommy so much.

    oh and so do I!!