Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I've made a number of discoveries over the past ten minutes.

1. When Hanna chokes on something, she vomits.  The nasty kind of vomit, not your average sweet-smelling, pretty baby spit up.
2. The risks of choking are much higher than I had anticipated with Hanna. Apparently I overlooked a small factor named Hallie.
3. A quick wetted towel and some disinfectant are pretty handy to have, you know, on hand. As long as they are out of reach of both the baby and the two year old.
4. Bees AND butterflies are highly attracted to basil.

That last one I discovered when I was looking out the window of our kitchen sink, while rinsing out the vomit/disinfectant soaked towel.

Thankfully, not all of my minutes are filled with such discoveries.  Have you made any discoveries lately?


  1. I discovered you, Amy, in Lincoln, NE a few months ago. It was a great discovery.

  2. The most, most recent discovery is that Jill seems to only like ONE of the three parts of candy corn. Haha. She spits the other two out. Delightful.

  3. But Meems, that isn't your most exciting recent discovery!

  4. I recently learned that terrible is more real to me now than ever. It is such a stero type (which I hate stero types) but what is it about a child turn two that makes them go crazy.

  5. I have discovered... that a really cute boy thinks I'm cute, too. :) That was a REALLY exciting discovery!

  6. ames, i do have a skype acct. but i dont know how to do it. call me sometime!