Thursday, September 9, 2010


It is time to make peach jam.
It is important to start with high quality, fresh ingredients.

It is important to have lots of good helpers when picking the fruit.

It is good, clean, wholesome, old fashioned fun.

It is hot, sweaty, unglamorous work.

It is a great way to spend an evening with your mister. 
Assuming that you both enjoy spending time in the kitchen, that is.
It is an opportunity to wear a cute apron.

It is turning summer's bounty into a winter treat.

It is sure to make your home smell like a Scentsy candle. And it is going to make Saturday's pancakes taste oh so so so good.
It is a really good life.


  1. I love love love canning. It's not something I ever did or helped with when I was younger....only since I joined the Mormon culture did I think it might be a useful skill. And it is! Way more useful than scrapbooking or being crafty if you ask me. I feel like I really accomplished something when I look at my full jars of fruit or jam or beans or whatever. The only other thing I can compare it to is cloth diapering, which produces the same kind of satisfaction only in smaller bits since I wash diapers a lot more often that I can fruit. With both you know what you've produced is way better than store bought, you understand what's in it and how it was processed, and best of all you saved a million dollars doing it...or at least this is what I tell myself during the sweaty laborious parts!

  2. Fresh peaches! I love how they look. Never actually tried canning, they seem like so much work. Must be really great to have homemade jam though.

  3. Looks delish! I ate some of Grandma and Grandpa's apricot jam the other day on some homemade half and half pancakes. Yumm-o.

    Um, Hallie looks RIDICULOUSLY cute with that flower in her hair!!

  4. Oh, and I'm way impressed by how your captions are inside of the photo frame. Fancy.

  5. Oh yea! I'm so glad those hair clips (I've given up on that french word) work. I feel better now. =) Some day I plan on being a canning master. It'll be great. Looks tasty.

  6. once again, love the pictures and the very cute!

  7. i loved the captions as well. nice job. love the cute cute apron of yours. you guys should teach me how to can sometime. i dont know how. but i feel like i should know, to really fulfill my calling as "Marty Crocker". :)

  8. Delicious. Are they going to be whole wheat pancakes?