Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bright vs. Gloom

I tend to be one of those occasionally irritating "why, yes, the glass is half full!" people.  You know, the "Well would you look at the silver lining in that cloud" type persona.  I can't help myself. And, overall, even though I know that sometimes it's not what people want to hear, I think it's a good thing.  Although, last night, it struggled a little bit in returning to me.  Don't worry though, it did. For the most part.

Bright side: It rained!  A lot!!

Double Bright Side: The basement did not flood!

Gloom side: Our roof leaks.

Bright side: The storm did not wake up the babies!

Gloom side: Our house warranty does not cover the roof.

Bright side: I love a good thunderstorm, with the thunder booming and the lightning flashing can be so exciting, invigorating, if you manage to ignore the fact that you are trying to sleep...

Gloom side: While rain falling outside can be soothing, and thunder and lightning only slightly jarring, it's the steady drip drip inside my house into a bucket that really keeps me from slumber.

Bright side: The leak in the roof managed to miss the bed, so I did not get dripped on all night as I had feared, and there was even enough clearance away from the bed to put a bucket!

Gloom side: I get to spend all day looking for roofers and trying to figure out estimates and how much this is going to hurt the bank account.

Bright side: There wasn't anything else I really wanted to do today anyway, and hey, we're practically professionals at tightening our belts.

All in all, I think you'll agree, the brights have it. Leaky roof and all.

(Um, any suggestions on getting a new roof would be most welcomed.)


  1. I would ask your neighbors (if you've met any) and people from church if they know any roofers or have had they roof patched or redone, so you can get recommendations from people you know (or be warned away from certain companies!).

    Sorry about the roof. :( I'm glad it didn't leak on your bed!! Are there a lot of leaks, or just one?

    I am REALLY glad your basement didn't flood.

    How random that all of that rain before that flooded your basement didn't do the roof.

    Here's a bright side: Your roof did NOT leak back when you were busy bailing out your basement! Yay for obstacles that come one at a time. And yay that your babies didn't wake up. :)

  2. Well, the roof did leak one of the times the basement flooded, but that was the time Devin wasn't home, and I couldn't remember exactly where the leak was when he got home, so he kind of ignored it. But I guess he doesn't want to ignore it now that he's seen it... :)

  3. You might want to put a bucket in the attic so the water doesn't come through the ceiling. But you'd still have to empty it and make sure it was supported so it didn't crash down through the ceiling ... hum ... I really don't have any good advice

  4. sorry about the's a good thing Devin saw the evidence this time so you could get it fixed before heavier rains come.

  5. Ames,

    I love who you are, but sometimes it's liberating to just say "it was soooo terrible, oh my goodness," and leave it at that. Say it good naturedly, and with a half-smile-groan so you're not too burdensome. But really, no one is ever going to call you a whiner, even if you do admit something was terrible.

    Note: People are going to think I'm like the devil here with all my comments, like 'buy the shoes' and 'just go ahead and say it was bad.' Ah well. I'm just trying to say: moderate.


  6. haha No one who knows Nicole could EVER think she is the devil. :) But her comments are funny.