Friday, September 24, 2010

Growing Up

Hanna has been getting bigger, the way babies do, and as a result I have been spending time going through all the clothes that I packed up after Hallie grew out of them.  I sort and reorganize, and in the process, Hallie has seen some old favorites that she insists on wearing.  I have learned that I have to pick and choose what I say "no" to, and this seemed relatively harmless, so I helped her put it on.
The last time Hallie wore this was a little over a year and a half ago.  Clearly, she has grown some since then, although, to my surprise, I was still able to fasten every single snap.  She wore it all morning, and didn't even complain of wedgies like I thought she might.

As I watched her walk around in this ridiculous looking get up, it was obvious that she was very happy to be wearing it.  Sure, she's grown up, but has she really grown up? I wondered if I have really grown up...

Sure, I'm taller now and my body has changed shape, expanding, shrinking, drooping, bloating, and more throughout the years, but have I really grown up?

I still feel myself getting giddy with excitement as darkness falls on the Fourth of July, knowing the fireworks will soon light up the sky.  Just like when I was a child.

Why else would I spend so much time worrying about what they will dress up as for Halloween, if not for the child inside of me that is sick with anticipation thinking about all that candy, ripe for the taking?

Why else would I wake myself up in the middle of a cold winter night to play Santa, if not for the child inside of me that still believes in the magic, and wants to be a part of making it happen?

I still lick the spoon when I make chocolate chip cookies, and I still hope that no one notices a. so I don't get reprimanded, and b. so I don't have to share.

I still get excited when my grandparents come to visit, hoping they will have a treat of some sort for me.  I am never disappointed.

I still like to swing on the swings whenever I go to a park.  I still like to dig holes at the beach.  I still need my mom for comfort and when Devin isn't here, don't be alarmed to find out that I may or may not sleep with a stuffed animal. (I don't, but now that I am writing this I am wishing I had thought of it. I totally would have.)

So yeah, maybe I have gotten taller, and maybe my body has changed shape, changed again, and then again over the years, but I don't think I've really grown up.  I sort of hope I never do.

And now, Hallie wants to say something, and I told her she could have a turn. So, here she is:

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Hallie making her funny face.
Click HERE if you want to see another video of Hallie in action, last time she wore this outfit.  She was a cutie, no lie.


  1. Hallie is gorgeous! It's always amazing to compare pictures from a year ago or so...I can't believe how big she is. I hope I never really grow up either.

  2. Yeah, I can still tell there's a kid in me, but I can also tell that I'm grown up. I'd be kicked out of never never land. I can't think about specifics right now for some reason.

    Love the outfit. Nice Hallie.

  3. Amy...Hallie is BEAUTIFUL!! And she has grown, but will always be your baby girl! :)

  4. Good grief. I can't even handle how good looking her hair is in that picture where she is facing you on the stairs. And that's so cute that she wanted to wear the outfit. I'm WAY impressed that you could snap them all. Good thing it didn't have footies!! :)

    (Don't eat dough with raw eggs in it!!)

    I think some parts of us never "grow up" and thank goodness for that!!

  5. Oh yeah. And your fall background is gorgeous!

  6. I still like to dig holes in the sand! :) And you - oreos? Surprise, surprise! :)

  7. Oh my, those pictures are all adorable! Brennan hasn't wanted to wear any of his old clothes yet, and he sees Jamie in them all the time. I'm kind of glad, though...I'm pretty sure I would cut off his circulation if I tried to dress him in clothes from a year ago. Brennan's turning out to be my little weed. :)

  8. Not sure why my previous comment didn't show up, so here it is again! (Good thing I copied it!)

    This song is dedicated to Amy Boling, on honor of her 284th (or something) post.
    To the tune of "Oh Amy Don't Hate Me" by the Get Up Kids.

    "Forgive me for just lurking and not commenting like I do.
    Each night you can fall asleep assured that someday I’ll be leaving a note on your blog.
    These constant reminders in everything I see.
    The chance of a lifetime…let my voice be heard.

    Oh Amy, don’t hate me, commenting isn't what I do.
    Oh Amy, don’t hate me. 'Cause that would make me blue!

    I’m sorry I can’t be the commenter you need.
    This song is at the heart of what I do.
    This comment's for you.

    Oh Amy, don’t hate me, commenting isn't what I do.
    Oh Amy, don’t hate me. 'Cause that would make me blue!
    Oh Amy, Oh Amy!
    Oh Amy, Oh Amy!
    Oh Amy, don’t hate me. 'Cause that would make me blue!

    Every time I read a post, it’s easier to lurk.
    On your site, the blog is you in everything you do.
    Every time I read a post, it’s easier to lurk.
    On your site, the blog is you in everything you do."

    Love you! You are hilarious, and I love reading your posts!

  9. Since Hallie is a year older than Emily, it's easy to see where Emily will be a year from now.

    Seeing the picture of Hallie in her one piece from last year, I realized Emily is going to get taller. Mostly in her legs.

    I am not sure I am okay with that.

    And I love that you let Hallie help you post.