Monday, September 13, 2010

Where Was I?

Where Was I?

Today as I sat on the couch, feeding Hanna and listening to the rain and the wind buffeting the house, I played a little game.

It's called, "Where Was I?" and it's a pretty simple game: I try to remember where I was at this time, in years past.

September 2000 - I was beginning my junior year of high school.  My sister was a freshman, I was on the soccer team, and I had the coolest friends around. I'm pretty sure that I was on top of the world.
September 2005 - I was just home from an amazing summer in Maine, a summer which completely changed my life.  I had a great job, great friends, and my sister came to live in Maine too.  I was still on top of the world.  I was just about to start dating Larry, and I was in the process of getting to know Devin. I was terrified of marriage.
September 2006 - Devin had proposed a month earlier.  I was just starting my student teaching, and planning a wedding. I'm pretty sure I was on top of the world, and no longer terrified of marriage.
September 2007 - I was living in the Netherlands. I was enjoying my first year of marriage. I was pregnant with Hallie.  I was (can you guess?) sitting exactly on top of the world.
September 2008 - I was getting ready to move to Illinois.  I was excited that Devin was finally done with school, and looking forward to life in Peoria. I allowed myself to daydream that we might be there for a while.
September 2009 - We were still in Peoria!! I was so happy about that. Devin was looking for jobs though, and it looked like they might be taking us to Nebraska or Minnesota.  I was trying to figure out where Nebraska was.  I was pregnant with Hanna, and trying not to be sad about leaving Peoria.
September 2010 - I am in Nebraska.  We are making a home here, discovering that we have the best neighbors, wonderful new friends, a yard that drains all of our energy and a house that we don't know how to take care of.

It's fun for me to look back because at each of those stages I don't think I ever could have anticipated the next step.  I wonder where I'll be September 2011? 2020?

I think, overall, I'm still pretty much on top of the world.

Where were you September in years past? Where do you think you'll be September in years from now?

Devin says, "I miss Peoria too."  And it is bittersweet that my dad's job takes him to Peoria all the time now.  Devin literally groaned when he heard that, by the way, Dad.  Ah, you just never know where you'll be.
There must be something about September and looking back. I went to my September posts from last year to see what I was up to, and look what I wrote (the links probably won't work): "I really need to go to bed! But one last thing. :)

I looked to see what I was up to on Sept. 15 of last year, and lo and behold I did have a post from last year on this date (three actually!). Here's what I thought was interesting on Sept. 15 in 2008. I didn't post on Sept. 15 in 2007 or 2006, but here's a taste of 2005. Funny that I have the same haircut right now. :) And I didn't post on Sept. 15 in 2004 either, but I did post on Sept. 30, and I thought it was interesting how utterly different my life is now from then. So, if you're really bored, here ya go!" Funny, huh? Let's see . . . September 2000: I was a freshman and pretty much on top of the world. ;) SO happy to be in school with my sister again and excited to meet all of the new people from other schools that combined into Central.
September 2004: I was a freshman at BYU and was dedicated to taking way too many classes, learning how to dance as many dances as possible, and get to know my cousins better. I was determined to not date seriously and to refresh myself.
September 2005: I just finished the summer in Maine, which wasn't quite as awesome for me as it was for you, but I did learn a lot about myself during it. I met Jeff the first Sunday of this month.
September 2006: I was married and just returned from my honeymoon (because we honeymooned four months late). I was excited to begin my third and last year of college. I was on top of the world!
September 2007: I started my first "big girl" job as a writer and editor. I was on top of the world!
September 2008: I found out that I was pregnant with our first baby girl! And I got to go on a cruise to the Bahamas that I won at work. :) I had been promoted to project manager, and I was on top of the world!
September 2009: Jeff was still looking for his first job after college, and things were a little stressful, but we had a healthy baby girl and lots of family that loved and supported us!
September 2010: I'm pregnant with baby number two and get to have my ultrasound TOMORROW! We have our own home and a minivan, and Jeff has a job. I'm on top of the world!! (Michelle Collett)

I seem to always reflect where I have been on the fourth of July.  Love this post... really makes me think! Thanks for sharing (Courtney)

Oh, who knows how to take care of a house anyway? (They should sell these things with owner's manuals.)   I have had a lot of good Septembers too. Funny how that works, huh?  (Alisha Hillam)

Have owned homes for thirty years now and sadly still have little energy left for taking care of them; seems that all my time is taken up with caring for their yards, and that silly (at least it is in MI) swimming pool. (Phil Boling)

Hey Amy! I liked this post a lot. It's funny, I tend to always "think" in September. Maybe it's that it kind of marks the beginning of a new routine. It's like, Summer is over, let's get productive again kind of thing for me. I might steal your idea and post mine on my blog :) Take care! (Rigel Jackson)

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  1. Again, you did the same thing with this post. Hm.

    I wonder where I will be this September.

    Love you.